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Cub Scout Pack Committee

Cub Scout Pack Committee Emblem

When people think about who runs a Cub Scout Pack, they usually think of the Cubmaster. But in a healthy Pack, there should be a whole group of people working for the good of the youth. These people make up the Cub Scout Pack Committee.

The Pack Committee is led by the Pack Committee Chair.

Responsibilities of the Cub Scout Pack Committee

There must be a minimum of three adults on the Cub Scout Pack Committee. They must agree to the principles of the Boy Scouts of America. Members are selected by the chartered organization. The committee is responsible for a variety of tasks.

Regardless of the size of the pack committee, these responsibilities must be performed:

  • Recruit new adult leaders, including  the Cubmaster and one or more assistant Cubmasters. These leaders must be approved by the chartered organization.
  • Provide a place for the Pack to meet.
  • Serve as a link between the Pack and the chartered organization, making sure the Pack functions within the mission of the Boy Scouts of America and within the mission of the chartered organization.
  • Make sure the Pack charter is renewed on time annually.
  • Work with the Cubmaster to deliver a quality, year-round  program to the youth and their families.
  • Maintain a Pack treasury.
  • Purchase equipment as necessary and maintain it.
  • Encourage all adults in the Pack to obtain the appropriate training for their positions.
  • Work with local Scouts BSA Troops, especially any troop under the same chartered organization, to provide a smooth transition for youth crossing from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA.

The most efficient way for the committee to run is to assign specific tasks to specific members. A well organized committee makes the Cubmaster’s job much easier and ensures that a quality program is delivered to the youth.

pack committee chair

What Does the Cub Scout Pack Committee Chair Do?

A strong, involved Cub Scout Pack Committee Chair really makes a difference to the Pack leaders and to the Pack program.

what does the cubmaster do

What Does the Cubmaster Do?

In Cub Scouting, adults work together to deliver program to the youth members. One of the adult positions is the Cubmaster. The Cub Scout Pack Committee supports the Cubmaster.

Cub Scout Pack Secretary

What Does the Pack Secretary Do?

This is one of those roles which can be filled by a parent who wants to help out, but is not sure how.

What Does the Pack Trainer Do

What Does the Pack Trainer Do?

The main responsibility of the Pack Trainer is to ensure that the adults involved in the Pack are trained for their positions and are aware of supplemental training opportunities.

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8 responses to “Cub Scout Pack Committee”

  1. Carla Avatar

    I just got handed pack treasurer position. I need some type of spreadsheet tht is easy to understand. Everything is a real mess right now. I don’t know where to start to get it straight. Once its straight I will be fine with everything. If anyone has any suggestions or advice at all, PLEASE Share with me>>>> I am desperate!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!1

    1. Amy Avatar

      As a cubmaster who had to wear many hats my first two years, this was very helpful ( We still use it today.

  2. Erin Howarth Avatar
    Erin Howarth

    I imagine Carla has found a solution to her problem by now, and I don’t have a really great answer for her, but I will share with this audience what our pack treasurer does. She built her own worksheet. She provides a print out to me once a month, so that I know how much money each of the boys in my den have in their personal accounts. Maybe she only does this in the spring time when we are trying to make enough money to go to camp, but that’s what she does.

  3. Amy W Avatar
    Amy W

    I’m the treasurer for my pack, and I’ve tried so many different things since signing on in Aug. The spreadsheet we were given was confusing. I spent several hours loading into quickbooks only to find that non-profits does not align with my pro version. Scrapped that. Back to spreadsheets. The BSA provides the budget (referenced by another Amy here). But, nothing to track the financial activities of the pack and the scout accounts in relation to the budget. I have searched and tried, modified and quit on so many different spreadsheets. Not satisfied with any of them. Maybe being too picky, but this shouldn’t be this hard. Anyone have a functional spreadsheet they are willing to share? I would greatly appreciate it!

  4. Janice H. Avatar
    Janice H.

    Hi there –

    I am considering taking over a treasurer commitment for my son’s cub scout pack as the position is vacant now. Could anyone give me an idea of what is involved?

    1. James Craig Avatar
      James Craig

      Link above is broken, but most of this can now be found here:

  5. billy mister Avatar
    billy mister

    how do i find my cub scout troop number?

    signed ;

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      If you are looking for a pack to join, see here:

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