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Building a Working Pack Committee

Kay wrote to me with this question about building a working Pack Committee:

I’ve been in scouting now for three years. For the past two years I served as Asst. Cubmaster and this year as Cubmaster. Our Pack has a very unique postition in that for the last 20 years our Pack has been ran solely by the Cubmaster and there has been no Pack Committee.
After attending a Wood Badge course, one of my goals was to bring back the Pack Committee model. We are having growing pains. Would you be able to offer any words of wisdom or advice.

A strong committee will definitely benefit your Pack. Hopefully your Cubmaster will welcome the help. 🙂

This is a problem many growing Cub Scout Packs need to deal with, especially in the case of new Packs where the Cubmaster was the driving force behind getting the Pack started. For a working Pack Committee, you will need a Committee Chair who works well with the Cubmaster. In a case where this is not initiated by the Cubmaster, you might need to convince him that he is not being replaced, but that people want to help lighten his load. Many hands make light work.

The Committee Chair will also need to look at the other parents in the Pack and recruit them them to be Committee members. I recommend you try filling the Treasurer position and the Pack Trainer position also. Our Committee also has a Religious Emblems Coordinator. Other members can fill roles like Pinewood Derby Chair and Blue and Gold Banquet Chair.

You might find some of the articles on my Pack Committee page helpful.

Good luck and good Scouting!


5 responses to “Building a Working Pack Committee”

  1. Erin Howarth Avatar
    Erin Howarth

    In my limited experience, people seem eager to help if you can give them something specific to do. For example, our advancement chair’s primary responsibility is to go to the scout store every month and buy all the badges and other awards that we need for our pack meeting. Pretty simple, yet extremely important. Now, there’s lots of other things that an advancement chair could do, and he may grow in his position to do some of them, but starting with something specific and simple is a nice way to start.

  2. Kimberly M Avatar
    Kimberly M

    I just joined a pack in September that has been run by the same couple for years… Their boys have grown and moved on to Venture Crew… I am struggling as they say they want the help and they want to move on to be with their grown boys in their crew, so I volunteered as Secretary and Advancement… I have no problem helping and pitching in wherever needed however I am struggling with trying to figure out what they need… I am new to boy scouts and new to the position. So there is a lot to learn… How can I take over something when I am not sure what to do??

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      Training, training, training! There is online training available at . Also check to see what training is available in your council. I also recommend you go to monthly roundtables. You will learn more about the program there and will have the chance to interact with experienced Scouters. If you are not sure when and where your roundtable is held, call your local council.

  3. Tabitha Avatar

    Dear Scouter Mom

    I went to the Pack Committee Page that you provided the link, but there are no articles there.

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      Thanks for letting me know. I updated the link. Try again.

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