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What to Do when the Cub Scout Pack Won’t Pay for Awards

Ron sent this question

Hello i’m a den leader for my son’s pack. They are not seeking to recharter for next year. In fact they are taking 80% of our pack to form a trails life group. Sponsored by different church. I informed my den of the news that our pack will not recharter and left it up to them to choose what they would like to do. Parents were asked if they wanted to continue with scouts recieved no reply. Our cubmaster also informed me that the den’s will not be recieving any earned awards either. Money was spent on aol awards. They would like to see their children get awards they are owed, i agree. We the parents pay for them with our $155. What to do? How do i explain to the kids and parents? Best for last our local council was sold and have merged with another council over an hour away.

Thanks for the question Ron. This is a very difficult situation. First of all, it is unfortunate that the pack is not rechartering. But I agree that the youth should get the awards they earned.

As far as recovering the money for the Arrow of Light, if the pack committee is unwilling to pay, you could approach the chartered organization. They have the authority to direct the pack committee to reimburse your fees.

If that doesn’t help, you should contact your council. First of all, they can determine if the pack committee is acting appropriately or not. They also might be able to suggest other alternatives. Sometimes there are benefit organizations which will support packs and individuals which have financial issues they are unable to cover themselves. Although you usually need to show need, not just that it is unfair.

If all else fails, you might just have to have the parents pay for the awards. In some packs this is the norm anyway.

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  1. Callie Avatar

    Definitely contact your Chartered Organization, and your Unit Commisioner. They should work together to make sure the charter is being followed.

    The pack leadership can’t just take the pack money to another organization- it belongs to the Chartered org.

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