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Health and Fitness Cub Scout Theme

One of the Aims of Scouting is Fitness. According to the Cub Scout program helps health and fitness is:

Being personally committed to keeping our minds and bodies clean and fit.Cub Scouts will learn that it is important and easy to eat a healthy diet and how a fitness program can be part of their daily routine.

Ideas for a Cub Scout Health and Fitness Theme

This is a natural one to fit into the Cub Scout program. There are health and fitness aspects in the program for each age group. The ideas in the BSA program helps are good. Here are some other ideas:

  • Do some of the Cub Scout fitness achievements.
  • Check out my Soccer and Baseball Cub Scout ideas.
  • Is there someone in your chartered organization who has run in a marathon or is active on a sports team? Invite them to come speak to your group.
  • Have a pack field day, with different competitions set up. Intermingle the dens so the younger kids have a chance. Get the parents involved also.

What is your pack doing which fits in with the value of Fitness and Health? Add  your comments below.

Health and Fitness Pack Meeting Plan

This vintage Pack meeting plan includes the following:

  • Outing in Scouting Ideas
  • Growing Opening Ceremony
  • Taste Test Activity
  • Good Choices Prayer
  • Physically Fit Recognition Ceremony
  • Take Care of Ourselves Cubmaster Minute
  • Physical Fitness Closing Ceremony

Related Resources for Health and Fitness Cub Scout Theme

Games for Scouts


Games are a fun way to incorporate fitness into your Cub Scout program. See lots of ideas on my games page.

Outdoor Fun and Fitness Ceremony

This fitness ceremony is based on a poem found in the the Backyard Fun Cub Scout theme. I changed some of the words to make it easier for the younger Cub Scouts to say.

Cub Cafe Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan

Cub Cafe

This is an older Cub Scout pack meeting plan related to health, nutrition, and fitness. “As Cub Scouts, we are personally committed to care for our minds and bodies.”

hiking cub scout theme

Hiking Cub Scout Program Theme

Don’t forget to put the “outing” in Scouting. Cub Scouts enjoy going hiking. Remember to pick a trail of an appropriate difficulty level for your age group. Webelos have a lot more stamina than Lions and Tigers.

cycling theme for cub scouts

Cycling Theme for Cub Scouts

Riding a bike is a fun activity for all ages. Even younger Cub Scouts can have fun showing their skills by riding on a parking lot course. Training wheels optional!

Backyard Fun Cub Scout Theme

BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Backyard Fun related to the goals of health and fitness. This Cub Scout pack meeting plan features ideas – games, group activities, songs, and more.

Destination Parks Cub Scout Theme

BSA offers supplemental pack program ideas for each month. One of the older Cub Scout themes for the value of Health and Fitness is a Destination Parks theme. A newer version of this theme is also available here.

aims of scouting fitness

Aims of Scouting – Fitness

The aims of Scouting are character development, citizenship training, personal fitness (both mental and physical), and leadership development.


3 responses to “Health and Fitness Cub Scout Theme”

  1. russ alldredge Avatar
    russ alldredge

    we built a little frame out of pvc pipe and hung a little black curtain from it (shower curtain) at den meeting. then we cut a vertical slit in the front middle of the curtain. At pack meeting we had our wolf and bear leaders go behind the curtain. The wolf leader put an oversized longsleeved shirt on him but put a little pair of jeans on his arms and the bear leader stood right behind him and stuck his arms through the sleeves on the same oversized shirt. Now the wolf leader looks like a hilarious looking little person and as i talked about different exercizes we do to keep our bodies healthy – he did them. The kids laughed hard and so did the parents.

  2. russ alldredge Avatar
    russ alldredge

    p.s. i forgot to mention that we put a little church classroom table in front of the curtain so it looked like the “little person” was standing on it and our leaders didn’t have to bend over to do the actions.

  3. Wendy Avatar

    We’re doing a bike rodeo, since I haven’t done one for a couple years, and it fits well with the theme (and they loved the last one). Hopefully the rain will stay away!!! (I’ll have a backup plan in case, of course.)

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