Bear Picnic Basket Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

A boy preparing spaghetti in a kitchen and an image of the Bear Picnic Basket Cub Scout adventure belt loop.

For the Bear Picnic Basket adventure, Cub Scouts make their own cookbook. They also learn about nutrition and prepare meals in a kitchen and outdoors.

Resources for Bear Den Leaders and Parents

Serve up some recipes, fun, and related achievements:

Recipes for Cubs in the Kitchen

See some easy recipes which are appropriate for Cub Scouts to cook. There are also some snack recipes on this page.

Foil Pack Dinners

Foil pack dinners (or hobo meals) are an easy option for outdoor cooking. The most typical foil pack ingredients are ground beef, potatoes, carrots, and onions. But don’t get stuck in a rut! Try some new combinations.

Suggested Recipes

Here are some specific ideas for meals and snacks which Bears can prepare:

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