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A Scout Is Trustworthy

A Scout is Trustworthy

A Scout tells the truth. He is honest, and he keeps his promises. People can depend on her.

1st point of the Scout Law

Scouts are known for their honesty. Saying “Scout’s Honor” is a way of saying “You can trust me”

Here are some ideas for the first point of the Scout Law. Add your own ideas about how “A Scout Is Trustworthy” to the comments.

honesty scoutmaster minute

Scoutmaster Minute – Honesty

Telling the truth is important. This brief inspirational thought can be used as a Scoutmaster minute to remind Scouts that it is better to be honest from the start than to try to cover our mistakes by shading the truth.

Show Me the Truth Game

Let’s be truthful. Some of the Cub Scout requirements which are all talking can be tough to do with a group of restless kids. This Show Me the Truth Game can make talking about truth and honesty easier.

Four Facts Game

Four Facts game is an icebreaker game. It also works well with any activity relating to honesty.

What is Good Sportsmanship?

Scouting and sports go together, so it is appropriate to talk about how trustworthy we are when we play games.

Bazooka Bubblegum Song

This song is a fun way to introduce the concept of trustworthy. Can the child in this song be trusted? Talk it over.

The Scout Law, As It Applies To The Internet

Scouts have a responsibility to behave properly on the Internet. This article can help you talk about being trustworthy while online.

Heroes in History Theme

A Cub Scout theme about honesty. “Honesty is paired with heroes because throughout history heroes have distinguished themselves as honest people. They gained the respect and admiration of others through their vision of how the future could be changed without using dishonest means to achieve their goals.”

Kids Against Crime Cub Scout Theme

This crime prevention based theme focuses on the value of honesty. “Crime is often an act of dishonesty. Honesty is all about telling the truth and being a person worthy of trust.”

Play Ball – Cub Scout Pack Meeting Plan

Most Cub Scouts know all about their favorite baseball team. Why not have a baseball themed meeting then? Cub Scouts can learn about honesty while doing activities related to America’s pastime.

Ideas for Pack Meeting on Honesty

In the old Cub Scout program, one of the core values for Cub Scouts was Honesty. This relates closely to Trustworthy in the Scout Law. “Telling the truth and being worthy of trust. A Scout is honest. As Scouts have fun and interact in their den and pack, they learn that honesty can simply be defined as a refusal to lie, cheat, or steal in any way. Honesty is simply the truth.”

More Cub Scout Plans Related to Trustworthy

Cub Scout Investigators

Let the Games Begin

The Great Race

The Scout Law 1

The Scout Law

I like the simplicity of the Scout Law. It is brief and therefore easy for youth to memorize. But it covers a lot of ground. A Scout is: Trustworthy, Loyal, Helpful, Friendly, Courteous, Kind, Obedient, Cheerful, Thrifty, Brave, Clean, Reverent.

What Is Scout Spirit

What Is Scout Spirit?

Scout spirit is mentioned in several of the requirements for Scouts BSA ranks. But what is Scout spirit and how does a Scout go about demonstrating it? Hint: Think about the Scout Law.

Trustworthy Tommy Song

Trustworthy Tommy Song

Scouts of all ages need to learn the Scout Law. This classic Trustworthy Tommy song will help them remember the twelve points of the Scout Law and to understand what the points mean.

A Scout’s Prayer by Lord Baden-Powell

This prayer is attributed to Lord Baden-Powell himself. B-P clearly believed that faith was an important component of his Scouting program. So while Scouting is not specific to any particular faith, there is a spiritual aspect to it. This prayer, based on the Scout Law, would be appropriate for most groups of Scouts.

Scout Law Prayer

A Scout is Reverent. This is another Scout Law prayer which incorporates the twelve points of the Scout Law.


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