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Show Me the Truth Game

Let’s be honest. The Scout Law can be difficult for our littlest Cub Scouts to understand. Once when I asked the Cub Scouts what “trustworthy” means, they replied “It means you trust people.” I told them that was almost right but they needed to switch it around. So their second guess was “Trustworthy means you don’t trust people.” 🙂

I don’t want to just be talking to them about the points of the Scout Law. Playing a game can make it fun. Show Me the Truth Game can make talking about truth and honesty easier.

This is a very simple game about telling the truth, which ties in with trustworthy. It is not challenging at all. Its only purpose is to inject some fun into the activity and make it a little more lively for the scouts.

Show Me the Truth Game

When playing this game, follow up by telling the kids that when somebody says something which is not true, that is called a lie. Discuss why it is important to tell the truth


  • none


  • Make a factual statement.
  • If the statement is true, the Scouts shout “True!”. If it is not true, they shout “Not True!”.


  • “The grass is purple” – “Not true!”
  • (Point to your nose) “This is my nose” – “True!”
  • (Point to your elbow) “This is my foot” – “Not true!”
  • “Milk comes from cows” – “True!”
  • (Put a toy on the floor) – “Bobby left that toy on the floor” – “Not true!”


Let the kids make up some examples also.

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