Character Counts

Show Me the Truth Game

Let’s be honest. Some of the Cub Scout requirements which are all talking can be tough to do with a group of restless boys.  Sometimes when I am looking at a requirement and I see the words Character Connection, my first instinct is to sigh. But then I take a deep breath and remember that playing a game can make it fun.

This is a very simple game about telling the truth. It is not challenging at all. Its only purpose is to inject some fun into the activity and make it a little more lively for the scouts.

Show Me the Truth Game

Materials required: none
1. Make a factual statement.
2. If the statement is true, the Scouts shout “True!”. If it is not true, they shout “Not True!”.
“The grass is purple” – “Not true!”
(Point to your nose) “This is my nose” – “True!”
(Point to your elbow) “This is my foot” – “Not true!”
“Milk comes from cows” – “True!”
(Put a toy on the floor) – “Bobby left that toy on the floor” – “Not true!”
Follow Up:
Tell them that when somebody says something which is not true, that is called a lie.
Discuss why it is important to tell the truth


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