Four Facts Game

This is an icebreaker game. It would also work well with any activity relating to personal history or storytelling. I think it could also be worked into a discussion about honesty.

It works for any size group of 4 people or more. Larger groups will be divided up when playing the game.

Four Facts


  •  Paper and pencils


  • None


  1. Randomly divide into groups of 4 to 6 players each.
  2. Each player in the group writes down four facts about himself, except one of the “facts” is really not true.
  3.  Each player reads his four facts and the other players in the group vote on which fact is not true.
  4.  The reader reveals which fact was really not true.
  5. Continue in this fashion until all of the players in the group have had a chance to be the reader.


  • This game can played multiple times. Just make new random groups each time.
  • A number draw works well for randomizing the players.
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