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Scout Law Prayer

Guiding Scouts Towards Integrity and Faith

In the vibrant tapestry of the Scouting movement, woven with threads of adventure, learning, and community, lies a core ethos that transcends the boundaries of mere outdoor skills or badges earned. At its heart, Scouting is a journey of character building, a quest to mold individuals who are not only prepared for the challenges of the wilderness but equipped to navigate the complexities of the human spirit.

The Scout Law Prayer serves as a reminder of this mission, offering a blueprint for living that marries the ideals of the Scout Law with the everyday realities faced by Scouts around the globe. This prayer is more than a collection of words; it is an invocation and a call to action—a call to embody the virtues of trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, and kindness, among others, in a world that often seems to have forgotten their value.

As we look more closely at the essence of this prayer, we reflect on how each line guides Scouts to be the embodiment of the principles they pledge to uphold. Its teachings can inspire Scouts to become leaders of integrity and agents of positive change in their communities and beyond.

Some readers have left their own version of this prayer in the comments below the post. Thank you! Browse through them and add your own.

Scout Law Prayer

Dear Lord,

Bless everyone around the world who shapes the lives of Scouts. Help us to not forget what they teach us and to use it every day.

When others aren’t being honest, help us be the ones who are always Trustworthy.
If people around us aren’t sticking by their friends or what they believe in, help us be Loyal.
When it seems like people are focused on material goods and money, help us look for ways to be Helpful.
And when someone’s feeling low, help us be the first to step up and be Friendly.

If people are being rude or mean, help us show them how to be Courteous.
When appearing tough seems like being unkind, help us choose to be Kind instead.
Even when it feels like no one follows the rules, help us be the ones who do, being Obedient.
And if everyone’s grumpy or complaining, help us keep a smile and stay Cheerful.

When those around us are being wasteful, help us be smart and Thrifty.
When facing scary situations or being tempted to take the easy way out, help us be Brave and do the right thing.
If we see litter and pollution everywhere, help us keep ourselves and our places Clean.
And even when people forget to think about what’s really important, help us remember to be Reverent.

So, in a world that’s always saying we need better heroes, show us how to be those heroes. Help us be real Scouts.


The Essence of the Scout Law Prayer

A Call to Remember and Apply Scouting Lessons: The prayer begins with a powerful reminder of the influence that Scout leaders and the Scouting program have on young lives. It challenges Scouts to carry forward the lessons learned, not just within their meetings and outings but as a daily practice.

Being Trustworthy in a World of Dishonesty: In a society where honesty can sometimes seem like a forgotten value, Scouts are reminded to stand firm in their integrity, setting an example for others to follow.

Loyalty Amidst Fairweather Friendships: As loyalty becomes rarer, the prayer encourages Scouts to be steadfast in their commitments to their beliefs and to those who rely on them.

The Importance of Being Helpful: In a world increasingly focused on individual gain, Scouts are called to look beyond materialism and extend a helping hand to those in need.

Spreading Friendliness: When isolation and indifference seem prevalent, the prayer highlights the impact of a friendly gesture or word to lift someone’s spirits.

Upholding Courtesy: In times of rudeness and incivility, Scouts are reminded of the power of politeness and respect in smoothing the rough edges of human interactions.

Choosing Kindness Over Toughness: The prayer advocates for kindness as a strength, especially in situations where toughness is mistakenly equated with unkindness.

Obedience and Respect for Rules: At a time when rule-breaking is often celebrated, Scouts are encouraged to respect guidelines and laws, understanding their importance in maintaining order and fairness.

Cheerfulness as a Counter to Negativity Facing negativity, Scouts are reminded to maintain a cheerful disposition, uplifting themselves and those around them.

Thriftiness in a Wasteful World: With waste becoming a grave concern, Scouts are urged to practice thriftiness, not just as a way to save money but to conserve resources and protect the environment.

Bravery in Facing Challenges: The prayer calls on Scouts to exhibit courage, not just in physical endeavors but in making ethical decisions and standing up for what is right.

Cleanliness in Personal and Environmental Hygiene: As environmental issues intensify, Scouts are reminded of their duty to keep their surroundings and themselves clean, contributing to a healthier planet.

Reverence in a Secular Age Finally, the prayer closes with a call to reverence, a reminder for Scouts to ponder upon the deeper values and spiritual beliefs that guide their actions and thoughts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

What is the Scout Law Prayer?

The Scout Law Prayer is a heartfelt invocation that aligns the principles of the Scout Law with a Scout’s daily life and actions. It serves as a guiding light for Scouts, encouraging them to live out the values of trustworthiness, loyalty, helpfulness, and more, in every aspect of their lives. This prayer is a reflection on how Scouts can be agents of positive change and embody the virtues that the Scouting program aims to instill.

How can the Scout Law Prayer be used in Scouting activities?

The Scout Law Prayer can be incorporated into various Scouting activities, including troop meetings, campfires, and ceremonies. It can serve as a powerful opening or closing reflection, reminding Scouts of the values they strive to live by. The prayer is also a meaningful addition to moments of contemplation, such as during Scout’s Own services or leadership training sessions, reinforcing the moral compass that guides the Scouting journey.

Is the Scout Law Prayer specific to any one Scout organization?

While the Scout Law Prayer reflects the universal values of the Scout Law, it is not specific to any single Scouting organization. It resonates with Scouts and leaders across different branches of the Scouting family worldwide, including the Boy Scouts of America, Scouts Canada, and The Scout Association in the UK. Its universal appeal lies in its emphasis on character and virtue, making it a cherished part of Scouting culture globally.

Can the Scout Law Prayer be personalized or adapted?

Yes, the Scout Law Prayer can be personalized or adapted to reflect the unique spirit and needs of a particular Scout group or individual. While its core message should remain intact, Scouts and leaders are encouraged to add their reflections or modify the prayer to better suit their context or the specific values they wish to highlight. This flexibility allows the prayer to be a living document that grows and evolves with the Scouts who embrace it.

Why is the Scout Law Prayer important in modern Scouting?

The Scout Law Prayer is important in modern Scouting because it offers a timeless reminder of the ethical foundation upon which the Scouting movement is built. In an age where young people are bombarded with mixed messages about values and integrity, the prayer serves as a clear beacon of what it means to be a Scout. It encourages Scouts to be leaders of character in their communities, to face ethical dilemmas with courage, and to be mindful of their duty to others and the world around them. The Scout Law Prayer encapsulates the essence of Scouting’s mission to prepare young people to make ethical and moral choices throughout their lifetimes.

How can Scouts and leaders integrate the Scout Law Prayer into their personal growth?

Scouts and leaders can integrate the Scout Law Prayer into their personal growth by reflecting on its message during their personal time, setting goals that align with the virtues it espouses, and actively seeking opportunities to practice these principles in their daily lives. It can also serve as a discussion point for mentorship sessions and leadership development, encouraging Scouts to contemplate how they can embody the Scout Law in the challenges they face. By making the Scout Law Prayer a part of their reflective practices, Scouts and leaders can deepen their commitment to the Scouting values and enhance their journey of personal and moral development.

Embarking on a Heroic Journey

The Scout Law Prayer is not merely an invocation for guidance; it is a roadmap for the modern Scout, a vivid blueprint for action in a world that often appears adrift in values and purpose.

As we reflect on this prayer, we see not just a series of aspirations but a concrete path towards becoming individuals of character, integrity, and compassion. It challenges Scouts to rise above the fray, to embody the virtues that seem increasingly rare in society yet are more essential than ever. Through its lines, Scouts are invited to lead by example, to be the trustworthy friend, the loyal companion, the helpful neighbor, and the cheerful spirit that can transform communities from within.

In embracing the Scout Law Prayer, Scouts commit to a journey of continuous self-improvement and service, striving to be the heroes that our world desperately needs. This commitment does not end at the close of a meeting or the completion of a merit badge; it is a lifelong quest to live with honor, respect for others, and a deep sense of duty to the greater good.

Let us carry the spirit and teachings of the Scout Law Prayer in our hearts and actions, aspiring to make a meaningful difference in the lives of those around us and in the fabric of our communities. In doing so, we affirm the enduring relevance of Scouting’s values, lighting the way for a future where character, leadership, and altruism illuminate the darkness, guiding us all toward a brighter, more hopeful horizon.


3 responses to “Scout Law Prayer”

  1. Brian Baker Avatar
    Brian Baker

    Thank you for posting this pray, I is much appreciated

  2. Brian Anderson Avatar
    Brian Anderson

    I simplified the prayer to this…

    Dear Lord, bless all those everywhere who help to shape the hearts, minds and bodies of young people. Let us remember what they have taught and apply it daily.

    When facing dishonesty, let us be Trustworthy.
    If we see faithlessness, let us be Loyal.
    Where disregard of others, let us be Helpful.
    When we find people in despair, let us be Friendly.
    Where there is disrespect, let us be Courteous.
    Where others are crude, let us be Kind.
    Though some will break laws, let us be Obedient.
    While others are grouchy, let us be Cheerful.
    In a world of waste, let us be Thrifty.
    When confronted with danger and temptation, let us be Brave.
    As we see filth and pollution everywhere, let us be Clean.
    While witnessing some with no faith, let us remember to be Reverent.

    In short, in a world that has not set the best example for young people, let us, as Scouts, stand out, grow up, and be real adults.


  3. Ross J Porter Avatar
    Ross J Porter

    Here’s my take, combining some of LBP’s prayer, the above examples, Francis of Assisi, the Scout Oath and the Scoutmaster’s prayer:

    O Great Master of all Scouts,
    Form me into the Scout I’m meant to be.
    Where lies are told, remind me to be Trustworthy.
    Where there is fickleness, help me to be Loyal.
    Amid indifference, inspire me to be Helpful.
    Where there is unkindness, make me Friendly.
    Where there is rudeness, let me be Courteous.
    Where there’s cruelty, may I be Kind.
    Where others rebel, bolster me as Obedient.
    Where there is peevishness, extol me to be Cheerful.
    Where there is greed, prompt me to be Thrifty.
    Where fear and temptation loom, help me to be Brave.
    Amid earthly and spiritual filth, remind me to be Clean,
    And where you’re doubted, shine in me as Reverent.

    Holy Immortal One,
    Give me the strength not to be dependent, but to do my best,
    Not to shirk, but to do my duty to You and the country you’ve entrusted to me.
    Keep me obedient to my oath to live the scout law,
    Encourage my endeavors to always help others,
    Assist me as I strive to grow and stay strong,
    Keep me always mentally awake,
    And through my faithfulness to you,
    help me to stay morally straight.

    Form me into the Scout I’m meant to be,
    Holy Immortal One and Master of All,
    That when you greet me beyond the farthest shore,
    You will be proud to greet the Scout you formed in me.

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