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Lion Cub Scout Helps and Documents

The Lion Cub Scout program stands as the gateway to the Cub Scouting adventure, specially crafted for kindergarten-aged children, typically 5-6 years old. This program is the first step on the scouting path, designed to introduce young children and their families to the values and fun of Scouting in a nurturing and supportive environment. The Lion program focuses on building character, improving physical fitness, fostering creativity, and instilling a sense of community and teamwork. Through engaging activities and adventures, Lion Cubs begin to understand the core principles of Scouting, laying a solid foundation for their future growth and involvement in the Scouting program.

Lion Cub Scout Badge

Earning the Lion badge is an exciting achievement for these young scouts, symbolizing their commitment to exploring new challenges and participating actively in their dens. The journey towards this badge involves completing a series of adventures that are age-appropriate and designed to be fun and educational. These adventures cover fundamental themes such as teamwork, respect for nature, and basic scouting skills. By engaging in these activities, Lion Cubs learn about the importance of cooperation, kindness, and the basics of outdoor ethics, all while enjoying the thrill of discovery and the joy of making new friends.

The Lion Cub Scout program is unique because it emphasizes family involvement, recognizing the critical role that families play in the development and growth of young scouts. Parents and guardians are encouraged to participate alongside their children, serving as guides and mentors throughout the scouting journey. This partnership between the scouting program and families creates a supportive network that enriches the Lion Cub Scout experience, making it not just about earning badges but about building lasting memories and strengthening family bonds.

As the first chapter in the Cub Scouting adventure, the Lion Cub Scout program is a time of wonder and excitement. It introduces young scouts to the joys of learning, sharing, and exploring in a safe and welcoming environment. The journey to the Lion badge is filled with laughter, learning, and the first steps towards developing a lifelong appreciation for the values and friendships that are central to Scouting. It sets the stage for a rewarding path through Cub Scouts, where the lessons learned and the joy experienced will inspire a lifetime of adventure and leadership.

Lion Cub Scout Requirements

  1. Complete the five required adventures:
  2. With your parent or guardian, complete the exercises in the pamphlet entitled How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide.

Beyond the requirements, Lion Scouts can also complete any number of elective adventures of their den’s or family’s choosing.

Printable Lion Cub Scout requirements

Printable checkoff sheet for the Lion Badge (for den or individual use)

Lion Cub Scout Required Adventures

Animal Kingdom

Lion Animal Kingdom Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

The Animal Kingdom adventure introduces Lions to the concepts of service, responsibility, and citizenship.

Fun on the Run

Lion Fun on the Run Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the Fun on the Run adventure, Lion Cub Scouts learn about healthy habits including the importance of making good food choices and getting enough rest.

King of the Jungle

Lion King of the Jungle Adventure Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the King of the Jungle adventure, Lions learn about how to handle the US flag and about responsibility and leadership.

Lion’s Honor

Lions Honor Adventure Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the Lion’s Honor adventure, Lions learn some Cub Scout basics and how to work together.

Mountain Lion

Mountain Lion Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the Mountain Lion adventure, Lions learn about having fun and staying safe outdoors.

Lion Cub Scout Elective Adventures

Build It Up, Knock It Down

Build It Up Knock It Down Lion Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the Build It Up Knock It Down adventure, Lions learn about building up structures and people.

Gizmos and Gadgets

Gizmos and Gadgets Lion Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the Gizmos and Gadgets adventure, Lions learn some really basic science and engineering concepts.

I’ll Do It Myself

Ill Do It Myself Lion Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the I’ll Do It Myself adventure, Lions learn how to do simple tasks independently.

On Your Mark

On Your Mark Lion Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the Lion On Your Mark adventure, Lion Cub Scouts participate in a game, an obstacle course relay, and a box derby race.

Pick My Path

Pick My Path Lion Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

For the Pick My Path adventure, Lions learn how make choices and teach others.

Ready Set Grow

Ready Set Grow Lion Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Lion Cub Scouts learn about gardening and where food comes from while working on the Ready Set Grow adventure. They also plant their own container garden.

Rumble in the Jungle

Lion Rumble in the Jungle Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Lion Cub Scouts lean about a jungle animal in the Rumble in the Jungle adventure. Then they have a jungle parade. They also play a game together.

Resources for Leaders and Parents

Lion Badge Overview (video)

Learn about Lions and the role of the Lion den leader.


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