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Lion Animal Kingdom Adventure

BSA is retiring this adventure on June 1, 2024. This information remains here for historical purposes.

The Lion Animal Kingdom Adventure is a part of the Lion Cub Scouts program that teaches young Scouts about community service, emergency preparedness, and energy conservation. Through a series of activities, Lions learn how they can contribute positively to their community and how to react responsibly in different situations. This adventure is designed to instill a sense of duty and awareness in the Scouts, preparing them to be active and helpful members of their community.

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Throughout this adventure, Lions explore the roles of various community helpers and discover how these individuals provide essential services that keep their communities safe and functioning. This awareness helps Lions appreciate the importance of every job and encourages respect for all professions. They also learn vital emergency preparedness skills, which are crucial for staying safe and helping others in times of need.

In addition to safety and community service, the adventure also introduces Lions to the concept of energy conservation. They engage in activities that teach them how to save energy at home, fostering an understanding of environmental stewardship from a young age. These practices not only help the environment but also teach Lions about responsibility and the impact of their actions on the world around them.

Finally, the Lion Animal Kingdom Adventure culminates in a family service project, which brings Lions and their families together to work on a meaningful project that benefits others. This hands-on experience reinforces the values of service and cooperation, making the adventure a comprehensive program for developing young minds and hearts.

Requirements for the Lion Animal Kingdom Adventure

Lion Animal Kingdom Adventure Requirements

  1. Learn the role of someone who provides a service to your community
  2. Demonstrate you know what to do in an emergency.
  3. Choose two energy saving projects to practice in your home for two weeks.
  4. Participate in a Lion den family service project for others

Resources for the Lion Animal Kingdom Adventure

There are some links to helps for this adventure at the bottom of this post, including games and activities. Here are few other things to keep in mind:

  • Police and firefighters come to mind and are usually eager to help Cub Scouts
  • Also consider visiting your local food pantry or another charitable organization. You might be able to do requirement 4 below at the same time.
  • There are lots of simple energy saving ideas:
    • Turn off the water when you brush your teeth
    • Turn off the lights when you are not in the room
    • Remember to close the doors
    • Read a book instead of turning on the TV or video game
    • Do the dishes by hand instead of using the dishwasher
    • Dry your clothes on a clothesline instead of in the dryer

More Resources

Serving and Saving

The Lion Animal Kingdom Adventure equips Lion Cub Scouts with essential skills and knowledge to serve and protect their community and environment. Through learning about community helpers and emergency responses, Lions become more aware of the roles that help maintain safety and order. Additionally, they practice energy conservation, contributing to environmental sustainability in their daily lives. The adventure also includes a family service project, reinforcing the importance of teamwork and the joy of helping others.

This adventure is not just about preparing Lions for emergencies; it’s about empowering them to make a positive difference in every aspect of their lives.


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    Rebecca Hall

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    Thank you for putting this together! I have a small suggestion to correct one part: dishwashers are more efficient and save more energy and water than washing dishes by hand. I used to think the same thing!

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