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Lion Pick My Path Adventure for 2024

The Lion Pick My Path Adventure is a crucial part of the Lion Cub Scout program that focuses on teaching young Scouts about personal responsibility and the impact of their choices. Through engaging and practical activities, Lions learn that their actions have consequences, and they begin to understand the importance of making thoughtful decisions.

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This adventure encourages Lions to practice making choices that benefit not only themselves but also those around them. It helps them grasp the concept of responsibility in a tangible way, by showing them how their actions can positively affect others. Performing a good deed, or a “Good Turn,” for someone else is a key part of this learning process. It not only reinforces the lesson that choices have consequences but also fosters a sense of empathy and community service.

Additionally, Lions are taught the basic rules of a game and then participate in playing the game. This not only makes learning fun but also teaches them about fairness and following rules. Through game play, Lions experience firsthand how rules are necessary for order and how each player’s decisions affect the game’s outcome.

Overall, the Lion Pick My Path Adventure builds a foundation for ethical decision-making and leadership in young Scouts. It instills in them the understanding that leading with actions involves responsibility and careful choice-making. This adventure prepares Lions to be thoughtful about their actions as they grow in scouting and in life.

Requirements for the Lion Pick My Path Adventure

Lion Pick My Path Adventure Requirements

  1. Explain that choices have consequences.
  2. Perform a Good Turn for another person.
  3. Learn the basic rules of a game and play the game.

Resources for the Lion Pick My Path Adventure

Understanding Consequences

Explain that choices have consequences.

The first requirement of the Lion Pick My Path Adventure involves teaching Lion Cub Scouts that every choice they make has consequences. This fundamental lesson helps Lions understand how their decisions can lead to different outcomes, affecting themselves and others.

Explaining the concept of consequences to young children can be challenging, but it’s crucial for their development into responsible individuals. Consequences can be positive or negative, and understanding this helps Lions make better choices.

  • Storytelling: Use simple stories where characters make choices and face clear outcomes. Discuss these stories with the Lions, asking them to identify the choices and consequences within the story.
  • Role-Playing: Create scenarios where Lions must make decisions, such as choosing to share or not. Act out the outcomes of these choices to show immediate consequences.
  • Cause and Effect Games: Play games that illustrate cause and effect. For example, set up a row of dominoes and show how choosing to knock one over affects all the others.
  • Decision Trees: Draw a decision tree with the Lions where they can see how different choices lead to different results. This visual aid can help them understand the branching nature of decisions and consequences.

Here are some options for Lion Pick My Path requirement 1:

  • Catch a Lion by the Tic-Tac-Toe
    • Play a game of Tic-Tac-Toe and discuss how choices have consequences in the game and in life. 
    • Supplies: Lion handbook, crayons, scissors
    • Indoor, low energy, minimal prep
  • You Can’t Put It Back
    • Trying to put toothpaste back into the tube makes the connection that choices have consequences.
    • Supplies: small tubes of toothpaste, paper plates, plastics spoons
    • Indoor, low energy, 1 to 3 days prep

These activities make the concept of consequences more tangible for Lions, helping them grasp the importance of thoughtful decision-making and seeing how their actions lead to various outcomes.

Kindness in Action

Perform a Good Turn for another person.

The second requirement of the Lion Pick My Path Adventure asks Lion Cub Scouts to perform a good turn for another person. This activity encourages Lions to practice kindness and generosity, reinforcing the idea that their actions can have positive effects on others.

A “good turn” involves doing something helpful without expecting anything in return. It’s a core principle of Scouting, aiming to foster a spirit of community service and good citizenship among Scouts.

  • Helping at Home: Encourage Lions to help a family member with a task like setting the table, tidying up toys, or assisting in gardening. Simple acts of helping at home can have a big impact and are easy for young Scouts to accomplish.
  • Community Cleanup: Organize a small cleanup activity in a local park or schoolyard. Lions can pick up litter, helping to beautify a shared space. This not only helps the environment but also instills a sense of community pride.
  • Crafts for Care: Lions can make cards, drawings, or simple crafts to give to local nursing home residents or hospital patients. These small gifts can brighten someone’s day and give Lions a sense of connection to the wider community. Consider coloring and decorating these compliment cards to hand out.
  • Food Drive Participation: Participate in or organize a mini food drive where Lions can collect non-perishable items to donate to a local food bank. This teaches them about the importance of helping those in need.

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Here are some options for Lion Pick My Path requirement 2:

  • Lion Helping At Home
    • Cub Scout does a chore at home. 
    • Supplies: none – this is done at home
    • Indoor, moderate energy, minimal prep
  • Please, After You
    • Cub Scout practices holding the door open for someone.
    • Supplies: none
    • Indoor, low energy, minimal prep
  • You Look Marvelous
    • Cub Scouts practice complementing each other. 
    • Supplies: Lion handbook, crayons
    • Indoor, very low energy, minimal prep
    • Consider coloring and handing out these compliment cards

Each of these activities enables Lions to see the direct impact of their good deeds and learn valuable lessons about empathy and generosity. Performing a good turn not only benefits others but also enriches the Lions’ own experiences, helping them grow into thoughtful and caring individuals.

Play Fair

Learn the basic rules of a game and play the game.

The third requirement of the Lion Pick My Path Adventure involves teaching Lion Cub Scouts to learn the basic rules of a game and then play the game according to those rules. This activity emphasizes the importance of fairness, following directions, and sportsmanship.

Understanding and adhering to game rules is fundamental for enjoyable play. It teaches Lions how rules govern actions and ensure that everyone has an equal chance to participate and succeed. This lesson is not only crucial for games but is also applicable to many life situations where rules are essential for harmony and fairness.

  • Choose Age-Appropriate Games: Select games that are suitable for Lion Cub Scouts, such as “Duck, Duck, Goose,” “Simon Says,” or a simple relay race. Ensure the rules are clear and straightforward to understand.
  • Rule Review Session: Before playing, have a discussion or a fun quiz about the rules of the game. This helps reinforce understanding and ensures all Lions know how to play properly.
  • Role-Playing Scenarios: Set up situations where Lions must decide what to do based on the rules of the game. This can help clarify rules and teach the consequences of not following them.
  • Make Your Own Game: Allow Lions to help create a simple game, including setting the rules. This activity encourages creativity and gives them a deeper understanding of why rules are necessary.
  • Game Master: Rotate the role of ‘Game Master’ among the Lions, where the selected Scout helps enforce the rules during the game. This responsibility can foster leadership skills and a respect for rules.

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Here are some options for Lion Pick My Path requirement 1:

Playing games in this structured way helps Lions learn that rules are there to make activities fair and enjoyable for everyone. It’s a fun way to develop respect for guidelines and understand their role in group activities.

Safety Resources

Before any activity, check the SAFE Checklist to make sure everyone is safe. Everyone involved in Scouting America activities should know the Guide to Safe Scouting and other relevant guides or books. Also follow any state or local rules that are more strict than Scouting America rules and guidelines.

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Lion Pick My Path Adventure

What is the Lion Pick My Path Adventure?

It’s an activity where Lion Cub Scouts learn about making choices, helping others, and playing fair.

What does it mean to perform a Good Turn?

Performing a Good Turn means doing something kind to help someone else without expecting anything in return.

How do Lions learn about choices and consequences?

Lions learn through activities that show how different choices lead to different outcomes.

What kind of game do Lions play in this adventure?

Lions learn the rules of a simple, age-appropriate game and then play it with their den.

Why is it important for Lions to follow game rules?

Following rules helps make sure the game is fair and fun for everyone.

Can parents help with this adventure?

Yes, parents should help by discussing choices and consequences, assisting with Good Turns, and supporting game activities.

Choosing Wisely

The Lion Pick My Path Adventure is designed to teach young Cub Scouts about personal responsibility through engaging and practical activities. This adventure helps Lions understand that their choices have consequences, fostering early decision-making skills. By exploring how their actions affect themselves and others, Lions learn to think before they act.

One of the key activities involves performing a Good Turn for someone else. This task teaches Lions the value of kindness and the positive impact their actions can have on the community. It encourages them to be considerate and helpful, qualities that are essential as they grow and interact with others.

Additionally, Lions learn the rules of a game and engage in playing it. This part of the adventure is not just about having fun; it’s about understanding fairness and the importance of following rules. By participating in games where rules are clearly defined and must be adhered to, Lions experience firsthand how rules provide structure and fairness in activities.

Overall, the Lion Pick My Path Adventure offers Lions a foundation in understanding the principles of good decision-making and ethical behavior. It teaches them that being responsible for their choices is an important part of growing up and being a good Scout.


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