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Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

This information is for the Cub Scout program before the June 1, 2024 updates. After June 2024, all Cub Scouts should use the updated program requirements. See here.

For the Gizmos and Gadgets adventure, Lion Cub Scouts learn some really basic science and engineering concepts.

Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure Requirements

Do these:

  1. Explore properties of motion.
  2. Explore the properties of force
  3. Use household materials to create a useful object

Resources for Lion Den Leaders and Parents

Air Pressure Demonstration

Air Pressure Demonstration

Show how force works with balloons. I guarantee that Cub Scouts will have fun blowing up balloons and letting them fly.

Use the Force Star Wars Game

Play a game with a “force” theme.


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