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Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure for 2024

The Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure offers young Cub Scouts a fun journey into the world of STEM, specifically focusing on engineering principles. This adventure encourages Lions to explore and understand the basic properties of motion and force through practical, hands-on activities. By engaging in these explorations, Lions develop a foundational appreciation for how things work in the world around them.

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During the adventure, Lions use everyday materials found in their homes to create objects that can solve problems or perform tasks. This process not only sparks their creativity but also enhances their problem-solving skills. It teaches them to see the potential in simple items, transforming them into useful tools.

The adventure also provides a great platform for cooperative learning. Working together with their peers and adult partners, Lions learn to share ideas, give feedback, and build on one another’s creativity. These social skills are essential as they grow and continue to explore more complex projects in scouting and beyond.

Overall, the Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure is more than just building and creating; it’s about understanding the basic principles of engineering and applying them. Lions learn that gadgets and simple machines are part of everyday life and can make tasks easier, which is a vital step in recognizing the importance of innovation and efficiency in solving everyday problems. This adventure sets the groundwork for a lifelong interest in STEM and helps young scouts develop critical thinking skills.

Requirements for the Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure

Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure Requirements

  1. Explore properties of motion.
  2. Explore properties of force.
  3. Use household materials to create a useful object.

Resources for the Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure

On the Move

Explore properties of motion.

The first requirement of the Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure invites Lion Cub Scouts to explore the properties of motion. This task helps Lions understand how and why objects move, which is a fundamental concept in physics.

Motion involves the change in position of an object over time. When Lions engage with this concept, they learn about different types of motion such as straight, circular, and back-and-forth movements.

  • Balloon Rockets: Use balloons attached to strings to demonstrate motion. When Lions release the air in the balloon, it zooms along the string, showing how force creates movement. Or just do this simple balloon air pressure demonstration.
  • Hula Hoop Fun: Use hula hoops to demonstrate circular motion. Lions can observe how the speed of spinning affects the motion and try to keep the hoop moving without touching the ground.
  • Pendulum Painting: Hang a container of paint with a hole in the bottom from a fixed point and swing it back and forth over paper. This shows pendulum motion and creates a fun art project!

Here is an option for Lion Gizmos and Gadgets requirement 1:

  • Jumping Cars
    • Use Hot Wheels cars to conduct some tests of motion.
    • Supplies: Hot Wheels, rain gutter, table, duct tape, shoebox ramp (photo 1, photo 2, photo 3), utility knife, painter’s tape
    • Indoor, low energy, 3 to 5 days prep
  • Moving Marbles
    • Make a marble maze out of a paper plate.
    • Supplies: paper plates, construction paper, tape, marbles, crayons
    • Indoor, low energy, 1 to 3 days prep
  • On a Roll
    • Roll different-sized balls to explore the movement and rotation.
    • Supplies: ping pong ball, tennis ball, softball, soccer ball, chair, plywood, concrete paver
    • Indoor, low energy, 1 to 3 days prep
  • Ping Pong Ball Derby
    • Race ping pong balls across a table by blowing through a straw.
    • Supplies: table, straws, ping pong balls, plastic cup, painter’s tape
    • Indoor, moderate energy, 1 to 3 days prep

These activities make learning about motion engaging and hands-on, helping Lions grasp how objects move in different ways and why understanding motion is important in everyday life and in making gadgets that can help with tasks.

Feeling the Force

Explore properties of force.

The second requirement of the Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure involves exploring the properties of force. This key concept in physics explains how interactions between objects involve forces like pushing and pulling, which cause changes in motion or shape.

Force is an important part of how things move and stop. When Lions learn about force, they start to understand the reasons behind the movements they observe in the natural world and in the machines they use.

  • Push and Pull Stations: Set up different stations where Lions can push or pull various objects, such as a sled loaded with weights or a rope in a tug-of-war game. This helps them feel the effects of forces firsthand.
  • Magnet Exploration: Provide magnets and a variety of metal and non-metal objects. Let Lions discover which items are attracted to the magnets, demonstrating magnetic force.
  • Air Pressure Rockets: Create simple rockets using plastic bottles and pump air into them. When the air is released, the rocket shoots up, showing how air pressure creates a force.
  • Water Spray Challenge: Use spray bottles to knock down lightweight objects like paper cups. This activity shows how even air and water can exert force to cause movement.
  • Gravity Game: Explore the force of gravity with this Use the Force Star Wars Game.

Here is an option for Lion Gizmos and Gadgets requirement 2:

  • Cars That Run On Air
    • Build balloon cars to see how air can be a force to move things.
    • Supplies: cardboard, plastic straws, bamboo skewers, plastic bottlecaps, balloon, rubber bands, duct tape, drill, drill bit, manual balloon pump
    • Indoor, low energy, 3 to 5 days prep
  • Does This Thing Fly?
    • Making paper airplanes and comparing it to paper balls explores the concept of friction as a force.
    • Supplies: sheets of paper
    • Indoor, low energy, minimal prep
  • The Force Pushes and Pulls
    • Cub Scouts identify the difference between pushing and pulling as a force.
    • Supplies: Lion handbook, crayons
    • Indoor, low energy, minimal prep

These activities not only make the concept of force understandable and real for Lions but also engage them in active and fun experiments. By feeling and seeing how forces work, they can relate these ideas to everyday objects and actions, deepening their understanding of how the world operates.

Handy Creations

Use household materials to create a useful object.

The third requirement of the Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure encourages Lion Cub Scouts to use everyday household materials to create a useful object. This activity sparks creativity and innovation, showing Lions how simple items around the home can be repurposed to solve problems or fulfill needs.

Using household materials to build something useful teaches Lions about resourcefulness and sustainability. It helps them understand that you don’t always need new or expensive items to create something valuable; sometimes, what you need is already at hand.

  • Bottle Bird Feeder: Transform a plastic bottle into a bird feeder by cutting holes and adding wooden spoons as perches. Fill it with birdseed and hang it outside to attract birds.
  • Tin Can Pencil Holder: Use empty tin cans and decorate them with paint, stickers, or wrapping paper to create personalized pencil holders. This not only recycles but also helps keep desks tidy.
  • Cardboard Box Storage: Turn old cardboard boxes into decorated storage bins for toys or books. Lions can paint or cover them with fabric to make them look nice in their rooms.
  • Soda Bottle Terrarium: Create a self contained garden by repurposing a 2 liter soda bottle. See the instructions here.

Here is an option for Lion Gizmos and Gadgets requirement 3:

  • 2 Liter Bird Feeder
    • Make a bird feeder by reusing a 2-liter plastic bottle.
    • Supplies: Lion handbook, 2 liter soda bottles, scissors, wood dowel, paracord
    • Indoor, low energy, 1 to 3 days prep
  • 2 Liter Bunny Planter
    • Make a planter by reusing a 2-liter plastic bottle.
    • Supplies: 2 liter soda bottles, spray paint, acrylic paint, paint brushes, scissors, googly eyes, planting soil, sweet basil plugs, water
    • Indoor, low energy, 3 to 5 days prep
  • Lion Pinewood Derby Car Display
    • Build a Pinewood Derby car display.
    • Supplies: Premium Kiln-Dried Square Edge Whitewood Common Board, table saw, eye protection, sandpaper, wood glue, paint brushes, acrylic paint, bowls of water, paper towels
    • Indoor, low energy, one week prep

These projects not only fulfill the adventure requirement but also teach Lions valuable skills in crafting and creativity. They learn to look at everyday objects with a new perspective, considering their potential uses, and gain a sense of accomplishment from making something functional and unique.

Safety Resources

Before any activity, check the SAFE Checklist to make sure everyone is safe. Everyone involved in Scouting America activities should know the Guide to Safe Scouting and other relevant guides or books. Also follow any state or local rules that are more strict than Scouting America rules and guidelines.

Before starting a craft activity, watch the Craft Tips video (2 minutes 34 seconds).

If you choose the Lion Pinewood Derby Car Display for requirement 3, follow these steps:

During the Adventure:

  • Train all youth and adults on the tools they will use.
  • Provide continuous, qualified adult supervision.
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions and age guidelines. If there’s a conflict, follow the most restrictive rule.

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure

What is the Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure?

It’s an activity where Lion Cub Scouts learn about how things move, how forces work, and how to create useful objects from household items.

What do Lions learn about motion?

Lions learn how things move, like rolling, sliding, and bouncing. They do fun activities to see these types of motion.

What will Lions discover about force?

They explore pushing and pulling and see how these forces make things move or stop. They use magnets and other simple tools to see forces in action.

What kind of object should Lions make?

Lions use things like boxes, bottles, and old clothes to make something useful, like a bird feeder or a pencil holder.

Do Lions need to buy materials for their projects?

No, they should use materials that are already available at home. This helps them learn to be resourceful.

Can Lions work together on these projects?

Yes, working together is encouraged. They can share ideas and help each other build their projects.

Turning Curiosity into Creation

The Lion Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure is a fascinating journey into the world of STEM for Lion Cub Scouts. This adventure is designed to introduce young scouts to basic engineering concepts through fun and engaging activities. Lions start by exploring how things move by looking at different types of motion. They investigate the forces that cause these motions by experimenting with pushing, pulling, and even using magnets.

Next, Lions use everyday household materials to build something useful. This part of the adventure enhances their creativity and problem-solving skills. It encourages them to look at common items in new ways and think about how they can be repurposed to serve different functions.

Through these activities, Lions not only learn about science and engineering but also about teamwork and the value of reusing materials. The adventure helps them understand that anyone can create useful gadgets with a bit of imagination and ingenuity.

Overall, the Gizmos and Gadgets Adventure is about more than just building things; it’s about fostering curiosity, creativity, and a can-do attitude in young scouts. It prepares them for a lifetime of learning and discovery.


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