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Lion On Your Mark Adventure for 2024

The Lion On Your Mark Adventure is a dynamic part of the Lion Cub Scout program that engages young Scouts in active games and challenges. This adventure is designed to teach Lions about good sportsmanship, problem-solving, and teamwork through fun and interactive activities. It encourages Lions to be active and creative, fostering both physical agility and mental acuity.

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In this adventure, Lions participate in a variety of games that promote fair play and respectful competition. They learn valuable lessons about following rules, taking turns, and appreciating the efforts of their peers. These activities not only make physical exercise enjoyable but also embed important ethical lessons about treating others with kindness and respect.

Additionally, Lions are challenged to navigate obstacle courses, enhancing their coordination and problem-solving skills. This part of the adventure puts their decision-making to the test in a physical context, teaching them to think and act swiftly while considering the best course of action under pressure.

The adventure also taps into Lions’ creativity through building and racing in a box derby. This task combines engineering with artistry, as they construct their own racing cars from boxes and then compete in a friendly race. It’s an excellent opportunity for Lions to express their creativity, work on a project with their hands, and then enjoy the thrill of competition.

Overall, the Lion On Your Mark Adventure offers a well-rounded approach to learning through play. It helps young Scouts develop a blend of social, intellectual, and physical skills, all while having a great time. This adventure prepares Lions not just for future Scouting activities but for everyday life challenges, making it a vital part of their growth and development.

Requirements for the Lion On Your Mark Adventure

Lion On Your Mark Adventure Requirements

  1. Play a game with your den.
  2. Participate in an obstacle course relay.
  3. Build a box derby and participate in a race.

Resources for the Lion On Your Mark Adventure

Playing Together as a Den

Play a game with your den.

The first requirement of the Lion On Your Mark Adventure is for Lion Cub Scouts to play a game with their den. This activity is designed to teach teamwork, cooperation, and sportsmanship among young Scouts.

Playing games in a group setting helps Lions learn how to interact with others, follow rules, and handle winning or losing gracefully. It’s an important step in building their social skills and understanding how to work together with peers.

  • Scout Says: A variation of “Simon Says” tailored for Cub Scouts. This game can include commands like “Scout says, salute!” or “Scout says, pack your bag!” It’s a fun way to reinforce Scouting knowledge while engaging in physical activity.
  • Obstacle Relay: Set up a simple obstacle course that requires teamwork to complete. For example, one part of the course might require Lions to help each other over a “river” made of blue mats, using stepping stones (small pillows).
  • Treasure Hunt: Organize a treasure hunt where Lions must solve clues together to find a hidden prize. Each clue can lead to a different station where they must complete a task or answer a Scouting-related question to get the next clue.
  • Balloon Keep Up: In this game, Lions must keep a balloon from touching the ground using only their breaths. This can be played in small teams to encourage cooperation.

See more games here.

Here are some options for Lion On Your Mark requirement 1:

  • Lion Red Light Green Light
    • Play a game of Red Light Green Light. 
    • Supplies: Lion handbook
    • Outdoor, high energy, minimal prep
    • See more about Red Light, Green Light
  • Roll the Dice
    • Play a game of Yahtzee.
    • Supplies: Yahtzee or Yahtzee Jr., Lion handbook
    • Indoor, low energy, minimal prep
  • Speed Gaming
    • Cub Scouts will sample different board games by playing them in a round-robin speed format. 
    • Supplies: A variety of board games, tables, chairs, stopwatch
    • Indoor, low energy, 3 to 5 days prep

These activities encourage Lions to engage with each other in positive and supportive ways, enhancing their ability to play as part of a team. Playing games with the den is not just about having fun; it’s a crucial part of learning how to be a good friend and teammate.

Tackling the Obstacle Course Relay

Participate in an obstacle course relay.

The second requirement of the Lion On Your Mark Adventure involves participating in an obstacle course relay. This activity is designed to encourage physical fitness, quick thinking, and teamwork among the Lion Cub Scouts.

Obstacle courses challenge Scouts to use both their minds and bodies. They navigate through various physical challenges, which can include jumping, crawling, and balancing. Participating in a relay format emphasizes teamwork, as each Lion’s performance affects the whole team’s success.

  • Tunnel Crawl: Use large boxes or tunnels that Lions must crawl through. This tests their agility and ability to navigate confined spaces.
  • Balance Beam: Set up a low beam or a line of tape on the ground that Lions must walk along without stepping off. This improves balance and focus.
  • Hoop Jump: Place several hula hoops on the ground that Lions must jump into without touching the edges, encouraging precision and coordination.
  • Sack Race: Include a sack race section where Lions hop from one point to another. This adds fun and encourages healthy competition.
  • Water Transfer: Provide a sponge and a bucket of water. Lions must soak the sponge, run to another bucket, and squeeze out the water without spilling. This adds a challenge of careful handling and speed.

Here are some options for Lion On Your Mark requirement 2:

  • Lion Obstacle Course
    • Create and run an obstacle course.
    • Supplies: PVC pipes, 2×4, hula hoops, stopwatch
    • Outdoor, high energy, about one week prep
  • Playground Obstacle Course
    • Use a local playground to create an obstacle course.
    • Supplies: local playground, stopwatch
    • Requires travel, high energy, about one week prep
  • Portal Obstacle Course
    • Make a portal-type obstacle course with painter’s tape. 
    • Supplies: painter’s tape, clean trash can, 2 gallon bowl, 3 tennis balls
    • Indoor, high energy, 3 to 5 days prep

Organizing these stations in a relay format where each Lion completes one part before tagging the next team member fosters a spirit of unity and cooperation. This activity not only boosts their physical skills but also builds a strong sense of team spirit and accomplishment among the young Scouts.

Building and Racing in the Box Derby

Build a box derby and participate in a race.

The third requirement of the Lion On Your Mark Adventure challenges Lion Cub Scouts to build a box derby and participate in a race. Using large cardboard boxes as their cars, Lions step into them and run to “race” against each other. This activity combines creativity with physical activity and is a fun way to foster teamwork and engineering skills.

Building and racing box derby cars allows Lions to explore basic design and construction principles while engaging in healthy physical competition. The process of decorating and customizing their cardboard cars also encourages creative expression.

  • Design and Decorate: Provide paints, markers, stickers, and other craft supplies so Lions can personalize their box cars. They might choose to paint racing stripes, flames, or even their favorite animals on the boxes.
  • Safety First: Reinforce the bottoms of the boxes with additional cardboard to ensure they hold up during the race. Add handles inside the boxes to help Lions hold onto their cars securely while running.
  • Race Track Setup: Set up a race track in a safe, flat area, such as a playground or a grassy field. Use cones or chalk to mark the start and finish lines.
  • Team Roles: Encourage teamwork by assigning roles in turns. Some Lions can be drivers, others can be pit crew members who help with repairs and adjustments during the race, and some can cheer on their team.
  • Awards Ceremony: After the race, hold a small ceremony to celebrate. Awards can be given for the fastest car, best design, and best teamwork to recognize different strengths and contributions.

Here is an option for Lion On Your Mark requirement 3:

  • Lion Box Derby
    • Conduct a Lion Box Derby. 
    • Supplies: Cardboard boxes, magic markers, paracords, scissors, painter’s tape, glue sticks, construction paper, bottles of water, wash cloths
    • Outdoor, high energy, one week prep

This activity not only promotes physical activity and creativity but also teaches Lions about the mechanics of motion and the importance of sportsmanship. Participating in the box derby race is a memorable and exciting way for Lion Cub Scouts to learn and bond with their peers.

Safety Resources

Before any activity, check the SAFE Checklist to make sure everyone is safe. Everyone involved in Scouting America activities should know the Guide to Safe Scouting and other relevant guides or books. Also follow any state or local rules that are more strict than Scouting America rules and guidelines.

Before starting this Adventure, complete the following:

During the Adventure:

  • Provide proper training on tool use for all youth and adults.
  • Maintain continuous, qualified adult supervision.
  • Follow all manufacturer instructions and age restrictions. If there’s a conflict, follow the most restrictive guidelines.

See more information

Frequently Asked Questions for the Lion On Your Mark Adventure

What is the Lion On Your Mark Adventure?

It’s an activity where Lion Cub Scouts learn about sportsmanship, being active, making choices, solving problems, and being creative through games and races.

What games do Lions play in this adventure?

Lions play team games and participate in activities that require working together, like obstacle course relays.

What is a box derby race?

In a box derby race, Lions create cars from large cardboard boxes, decorate them, and race by running while inside them.

Why do Lions build a box derby car?

Building and racing a box derby car helps Lions learn about design and gives them a fun way to be active.

How do Lions learn from this adventure?

Lions learn by doing. They develop teamwork skills, understand fairness, and solve problems as they build and race.

Can parents help with the adventure?

Yes, parents should help Lions with building activities and support them during games and races.

Game On!

The Lion On Your Mark Adventure is an exciting journey into the world of games and sports for Lion Cub Scouts. This adventure teaches young Scouts about the joy of being active and the importance of good sportsmanship. Through a series of fun-filled activities, Lions learn to make choices, solve problems, and work creatively with others.

First, the Lions engage in team games that promote cooperation and fair play. They learn how to follow rules and understand the value of playing fairly. These games are not just about winning, but about enjoying the process and learning how to handle both victory and defeat gracefully.

Next, Lions take on an obstacle course relay which challenges them both physically and mentally. This activity enhances their ability to think quickly and make decisions under pressure while navigating through various physical challenges. It’s a great way for them to build confidence and resilience.

The adventure culminates in building and racing a box derby car. Lions design their cars using large cardboard boxes and then race them in a fun and competitive event. This activity combines creativity with physical activity and gives the Lions a sense of accomplishment and pride in their creations.

Overall, the Lion On Your Mark Adventure is about learning through play. It offers valuable lessons in teamwork, creativity, and physical fitness, preparing Lions for future challenges in scouting and in life.


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