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Lion I’ll Do It Myself Adventure for 2024

The Lion “I’ll Do It Myself” Adventure is a pivotal part of the Lion Cub Scout program, focusing on fostering independence and personal responsibility. This adventure encourages Lions to take charge of their own belongings and tasks, marking an important step in their growth and development. By engaging in activities that promote self-reliance, Lions build confidence and learn the value of taking care of themselves and their items.

Lion Ill Do It Myself Adventure Belt Loop

Throughout the adventure, Lions tackle tasks that are essential for daily life and Scouting activities. They start by making a “lion bag,” a personalized tote for their Scouting gear, which teaches them about organization and preparation. This bag becomes a practical tool for keeping their items together, whether heading to a meeting or an outdoor activity.

Additionally, Lions create a personal care checklist. This simple yet effective tool helps them track their daily responsibilities, such as brushing teeth and packing their bag. It’s a visual and interactive way to reinforce the habit of self-care and responsibility.

The challenge of putting on and taking off their shoes independently might seem small, but it’s a significant milestone for young Scouts. This task not only promotes physical dexterity but also patience and perseverance. As Lions master these skills, they experience the satisfaction of doing things on their own, bolstering their self-esteem and readiness to tackle more complex tasks.

Overall, the “I’ll Do It Myself” Adventure is not just about learning practical skills; it’s about building a foundation of responsibility that will serve Lions throughout their Scouting journey and beyond. It encourages them to be proactive, resourceful, and proud of their achievements, core qualities that define character development in Scouting.

Requirements for the Lion I’ll Do It Myself Adventure

Lion I’ll Do It Myself Adventure Requirements

  1. Make and use a “lion bag” for personal Scouting gear.
  2. Construct a personal care checklist.
  3. Put on your shoes without help.  Take them off and put them away. 

Resources for the Lion I’ll Do It Myself Adventure

Craft Your Own Lion Bag

The first requirement of the Lion “I’ll Do It Myself” Adventure involves making and using a “lion bag” for personal Scouting gear. This activity encourages Lion Cub Scouts to take responsibility for their own belongings and ensures they are prepared for all Scouting activities.

A lion bag is a personalized tote or backpack that Lions can use to carry their Scouting essentials, such as a handbook, water bottle, and any other items needed for meetings or adventures. This bag helps Lions stay organized and promotes a sense of ownership and pride in their Scouting involvement.

  • Decorate with Patches and Paint: Start with plain white cotton bags. Provide fabric markers, paint, and patches so Lions can customize their bags. This can include drawing their favorite animals, Scouting symbols, or writing their name in a creative way.
  • Sewing or No-Sew Options: Depending on the skill level of the Lions, you could have them sew the bags with adult supervision or use no-sew methods like fabric glue or tying knots.
  • Fabric Choices: Allow Lions to choose from different fabrics or colors to make their bag unique. They could even use recycled materials like old t-shirts or jeans to emphasize sustainability.
  • Add Functional Features: Encourage Lions to think about what features their lion bag might need, like pockets for small items or loops to attach things like a water bottle.

Here are some options for Lion I’ll Do It Myself requirement 1:

  • Decorating My Lion Bag
    • Decorate reusable shopping bag to make a Lion bag.
    • Supplies: drawstring bag, black sharpies
    • Indoor, low energy, 1 to 3 days prep
  • My Lion Bag
    • Make a Lion bag for your Cub Scout goodies.
    • Supplies: Lion handbook, wire clothes hanger, yellow felt, scissors, fabric paint, hot glue gun with sticks
    • Indoor, low energy, 3 to 5 days prep

This activity not only equips Lions with a useful item for their Scouting adventures but also allows them to express their creativity and learn basic crafting skills. By taking part in making their own lion bag, they gain practical experience in managing their gear, which reinforces the importance of responsibility and preparedness.

Personal Care Checklist

The second requirement of the Lion “I’ll Do It Myself” Adventure asks Lion Cub Scouts to create a personal care checklist. This checklist serves as a practical tool to help Lions keep track of their daily responsibilities, promoting independence and self-management.

A personal care checklist helps Lions remember important tasks they need to complete each day or before specific activities, like school or Scouting events. It encourages good habits and routines, which are crucial for personal development and preparation. Here are some ideas:

  • Brush Teeth: Morning and night to keep their teeth healthy.
  • Pack What They Need: Ensure they have all necessary items for the day in their backpack or bag .
  • Dress Themselves: Pick and put on their clothes for the day.
  • Clean Up Toys: Put toys and books back in their place after use.
  • Feed Pets: If they have pets, remember to feed them at the same time daily.
  • Water Plants: Help take care of any family plants or a small garden.

Here are some options for Lion I’ll Do It Myself requirement 2:

  • My Lion Morning and Evening
    • Complete a morning and evening personal care routine chart.
    • Supplies: Lion handbook, crayons
    • Indoor, low energy, 1 to 3 days prep
  • The Doctor Tells Us To
    • Invite a medical professional or EMS to your den meeting and learn about personal care.
    • Supplies: none
    • Indoor, very low energy, a week or more prep

Constructing and using a personal care checklist not only helps Lions develop a sense of responsibility but also builds their confidence as they successfully manage their daily activities. This tool is a straightforward way to support their growth towards becoming more independent and self-reliant.

Mastering Shoes on Your Own

The third requirement of the Lion “I’ll Do It Myself” Adventure is for Lion Cub Scouts to learn to put on and take off their shoes without help, and then put them away properly. This task teaches Lions independence and responsibility for their personal belongings.

Mastering the skill of managing shoes is a significant step for young children. It not only aids in developing fine motor skills but also promotes self-reliance and organizational habits.

  • Color-Coding: Use colored stickers or markers to indicate the left and right shoes. This helps Lions remember which shoe goes on which foot.
  • Shoe Decorating: Allow Lions to decorate their shoes with washable markers or stickers. This makes the shoes more personal and exciting to put on.
  • Practice Session: Set up a fun practice area where Lions can sit comfortably and practice putting on and taking off their shoes. Maybe add a timer to turn it into a fun race.
  • Shoe Storage DIY: Help Lions create a simple storage solution for their shoes, like a painted shoe box or a decorated spot in the entryway. This makes putting shoes away more appealing.
  • Velcro vs. Laces: For younger Lions who struggle with laces, use shoes with Velcro straps to make the process easier. For those ready to tackle laces, hold short sessions to teach them how to tie their shoes. A song like this might make learning to tie knots more fun.

Here are some options for Lion I’ll Do It Myself requirement 3:

  • Are Those My Shoes?
    • Play a game where everyone takes their shoes off and mixes them in a pile to find and put on their shoes.
    • Supplies: none
    • Indoor, high energy, minimal prep
  • Shoes On or Shoes Off?
    • Adult partners help Cub Scouts put their shoes on.
    • Supplies: none
    • Indoor, moderate energy, minimal prep

By practicing putting on and taking off their shoes and then putting them away, Lions not only learn to take care of their belongings but also gain a sense of accomplishment from doing something on their own. This requirement builds daily living skills that are essential as they grow more independent.

Safety Resources

Before any activity, check the SAFE Checklist to make sure everyone is safe. Everyone involved in Scouting America activities should know the Guide to Safe Scouting and other relevant guides or books. Also follow any state or local rules that are more strict than Scouting America rules and guidelines.

Before starting a craft activity, watch the Craft Tips video (2 minutes 34 seconds).

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Frequently Asked Questions for the Lion I’ll Do It Myself Adventure

What is the “I’ll Do It Myself” Adventure?

It’s an activity where Lion Cub Scouts learn to do things by themselves, like managing their gear and taking care of their personal tasks.

What do Lions make in this adventure?

Lions make a “lion bag” to carry their Scouting gear.

Why do Lions need a personal care checklist?

The checklist helps Lions remember to do important daily tasks like brushing teeth and packing their Scout bag.

What is the goal of learning to put on shoes by themselves?

This helps Lions become more independent and teaches them to take care of their things.

Can parents help Lions with these tasks?

Parents should guide Lions but let them do as much as possible by themselves to learn and grow.

What should Lions do with their shoes after taking them off?

They should put them away in their proper place to keep their area tidy.

On My Own

The Lion “I’ll Do It Myself” Adventure encourages Lion Cub Scouts to embrace independence and personal responsibility. This adventure is structured around simple, yet impactful activities that foster a young Scout’s ability to take care of themselves and their belongings.

First, Lions create a “lion bag,” a personalized carrier for their Scouting essentials. This task teaches them about organization and preparation, crucial skills for any Scout. Next, they construct a personal care checklist. This checklist serves as a daily reminder for personal tasks, promoting routine and responsibility.

Another key component of the adventure involves shoes. Lions learn to put on and take off their shoes without help. They also practice the habit of putting their shoes away neatly, reinforcing the importance of keeping their spaces organized. These activities are designed to build confidence and independence, preparing Lions for more challenging tasks as they grow.

Overall, the “I’ll Do It Myself” Adventure is about laying the groundwork for self-reliance and accountability in young Scouts, critical traits that will benefit them throughout their lives in and out of Scouting.


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