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Nature and Environment Troop Program Feature for Scouts BSA Troops

BSA has created updated version of the Troop Program features for Scouts BSA. The Nature and Environment program feature is available in digital format on the BSA website or can be purchased as a publication from you local Scout Shop.

Main Ideas

The Nature and Environment theme focuses on plants, wildlife, and how we interact with nature. The program feature includes some general information and some more specific ideas for meetings:

  • The environment necessary for plants, animals, and birds to thrive
  • How birds help with pollination and indicate whether the environment has issues or is healthy
  • The value of animals from domesticated to livestock to wildlife
  • How plants are needed to support all of the variety of species on Earth and how they help clean our air
  • How all living things exist together in a “Circle of Life”, both providing for each other and depending on each other
  • How are actions impact the environment and the well being of all creatures on our planet

Troop Meeting Ideas

Suggested troop meeting ideas for Nature and Environment are grouped by essential, challenging, or advanced. Here are a few you can see in the guide.

  • Learn how to identify birds (essential)
  • Learn about binoculars and find out about Christmas bird counts (challenging)
  • Practice using binoculars and discuss why bird counts are important (advanced)
  • Learn about wild animals vs pets and livestock (essential)
  • Learn how to deal with wild animals you might encounter on outings (challenging)
  • Learn how to classify animals (advanced)
  • Learn about edible wild plants (essential)
  • Find out more about growing plants from seeds (challenging)
  • Explore the science behind grafting plants (advanced)
  • Find out about the food chain (essential)
  • Learn about photosynthesis (challenging)
  • Discuss evolution, the animal kingdoms, and the impact of people on the environment (advanced)

Games and More

There are also several games suggested to keep things interesting at your troop meetings

  • Name That Fish
  • Bird Art Gallery
  • Edible Plants Who’s Who
  • Circle of Life Match Game

The plan even provides Scoutmaster’s minutes and ceremonies for meetings.

Troop Nature and Environment Outing

Then there is the “Main Event”. Once again, there are suggestions for essential, challenging, or advanced. Details and planning aids can be found in the online guide.

  • Birding field trip (essential)
  • Nature campout (challenging)
  • Go into the field with a naturalist (advanced)

More Resources

Find some related helps and achievements for the Nature and Environment Troop Program Feature below.

Environmental Science Crossword Puzzle

Environmental Science Crossword Puzzle

This environmental science crossword puzzle contains 19 words and definitions related to environmental science. This vocabulary is specifically needed for the Environmental Science merit badge, but it is also appropriate for any topic related to conservation.

The Outdoor Code

Every Scout who is spending time outdoors should be familiar with the Outdoor Code. It is especially important for Webelos, Scouts BSA, and Venturers who are out camping regularly

Finding Out About Endangered Species in Your Area

Conservation and Scouting go hand in hand. Since getting outdoors is a big part Scouting, it makes sense that we should teach Scouts about protecting our natural resources.

My Turtle Swims Sideways

ZM sang this My Turtle Swims Sideways song at Webelos camp and LC sang it at Scout camp and they’ve continued singing it since. This song is just humor. (This is one of the most commented upon posts on my blog!)

Soil Sample Cupcakes Recipe

Scouts always enjoy playing with their food! This would make a nice snack for any meeting based on one of the ecology lessons.


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