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Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge Helps and Documents

About the Fish and Wildlife Management Merit Badge

Scouts working on the requirements for the Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge learn about the populations of fish, birds, mammals, and other wildlife. They study the habitats of wildlife and learn about careers in this area.

Learn more about conservation and resource management with these related ideas and achievements

Wildlife Management Troop Program

The Wildlife Management program feature will help your youth leaders plan a month of meetings and a weekend outing around a conservation theme. This plan from BSA breaks down the activities into different levels to engage newer Scouts and challenge more experienced Scouts.

World Conservation Award

Scout who complete the Fish and Wildlife Management merit badge have already completed one of the requirements for the Scouts BSA World Conservation Award. If you make them aware of this, some may want to do the other requirements as well.

Finding Out About Endangered Species in Your Area

The Wildlife Management troop program feature focuses on keeping the balance in nature which wildlife need to thrive. This ties in with the conservation aspects of the Fly Fishing merit badge.

Stories about Kids and Conservation

These stories may inspire Scouts to go further in their conservation efforts.

Nature and Environment Troop Program Feature

This program feature also provides options for your PLC to plan a set of meetings and activities around a nature based theme.

Fishing Troop Program Feature

The Fishing program feature can also tie into this merit badge, especially if you are focusing on how to have a healthy fish population.

Splash! Scouts BSA Nova Award

Splash! is the Scouts BSA Nova Award for investigating water science. To earn this award, Scouts must complete one of their science related merit badges and learn about related topics such as pollution, health, water cycle, and waste treatment.

Let It Grow Scouts BSA Nova Award

While working on this award, Scouts will learn about where their food comes from and explore topics like weather, seeds, and microorganisms.

Conservation Resources

BSA provides a comprehensive list of resources for those wanting to learn more about ecology and conservation. Conservation has long been a central focus of BSA programs.


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