Fly Fishing Merit Badge Helps and Documents

fly fishing Merit Badge Helps and Documents

By working on the requirements for the Fly Fishing merit badge, Scouts come to appreciate and enjoy catching fish with a fly rod. They learn how to prepare for a safe fishing outing and to observe local regulations. Scouts become familiar with the knots needed for fly fishing. Then they put their knowledge to use by catching some fish.

Take Me Fishing Places to Fish in Your Area

Find Places to Fish has an interactive map which will help you to locate the places to fish closest to you. Just enter your zip code and then look at the map.

fishing Troop Program Feature for Scouts BSA

Fishing Troop Program Feature

The Fishing troop program feature will help your Scouts BSA youth leaders plan a series of meetings and a weekend outing around a fishing theme.

Splash! Scouts BSA Nova Award

This Nova award can be earned by youth who complete achievements related to water science.

Wildlife Management Troop Program Feature

The Wildlife Management troop program feature focuses on keeping the balance in nature which wildlife need to thrive. This ties in with the conservation aspects of the Fly Fishing merit badge.

Nature and Environment Troop Program Feature

A third option for a series of meetings is to do the Nature and Environment program feature. This also meshes well with the environmental aspects of the Fly Fishing merit badge requirements.

National Outdoor Awards – Aquatics

The National Outdoor Awards recognize youth who participate in outdoor activities. The Aquatics award includes options for fishing.

Fishing Merit Badge

Scouts who enjoy the Fly Fishing merit badge might also want to try the Fishing badge.

Fishing Ranger Elective

If you have older Scouts who are als involved in Venturing, they can look at the Fishing Ranger elective also. Or just check it out for some more ideas about how to keep older youth engaged while working on the requirements for the Fly Fishing merit badge.

Fishing Resources from BSA

BSA has lots of resources to help you with your fishing program.

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  1. Jim Ridgeway Avatar

    A program within BSA, called certified angling instructor (CAI), provides trained, competent angling instruction for the youth and adults within BSA and has since 2002. Check us out at to find help with the fishing/ fly fishing/ fish and wildlife merit badges, or to get help running a fishing outing for your pack, troop, or crew. Fish on!

    1. Alakai Avatar

      I think the url has to be the link

      The site goes unresolved if no “www”.

      What is the advantage of CAI?

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