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Lions or Eagles Cubmaster Minute (Trustworthy)

The importance of responsibility and trustworthiness can make a great theme for a Cubmaster Minute. The idea of taking care of ourselves and helping others is a fundamental principle of scouting, and it’s important to remind our scouts of this principle from time to time.

A Cubmaster Minute about responsibility and trustworthiness could include examples of how these values are demonstrated in everyday life, as well as how they can be applied to scouting activities. By highlighting the importance of being trustworthy and responsible, we can inspire our scouts to strive for these values both within and outside of scouting.

Being a Cub Scout is about more than just earning badges and going on adventures. It’s about developing a sense of responsibility and trustworthiness that will serve us well throughout our lives. Whether we are Lions or Eagles, we must always strive to be reliable, dependable individuals who take care of ourselves and others. By doing so, we can make a positive impact on the world around us and leave a lasting legacy for future generations.

Lions or Eagles Cubmaster’s Minute


Being trustworthy means helping others and taking care of ourselves.

Being trustworthy means we behave safely. It means we do chores, even when we don’t want to. It means we try to follow the right paths in life.

In our pack, being trustworthy means older kids teach and watch over our younger boys and girls. Adults and parents need to watch over and guide all of our boys and girls also. They will always need our love and guidance, whether they’ve just started out as Lions or flown all the way to become Eagles.

The Power of Inspirational Minutes

This Lions or Eagles Cubmaster Minute will help Cub Scouts reflect on the values of responsibility and trustworthiness. This reflection can inspire us to become reliable and dependable individuals who contribute to the betterment of our community and leave a positive legacy for generations to come. See more Cubmaster minutes.


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