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Thanksgiving Scoutmaster Minute

An Inspirational Thought for Thanksgiving

This makes a nice Scoutmaster Minute or Cubmaster Minute or even just a good reflection for a family gathering at this time of year. This is based on something in some old BSA program helps.

For use with Cub Scouts, you might want to explain what a “good turn” is beforehand.

Thanksgiving Scoutmaster Minute

At Thanksgiving we always think of everything we are thankful for – friends, family, freedom, churches, schools, food. Not everyone gets everything they want, but everyone should be thankful for what they have.

And don’t forget that “giving” is a part of “Thanksgiving”. You might not be able to give money, but you can give time. You can give by doing your Good Turn every day – just don’t expect to be rewarded or paid. Help shovel a neighbor’s sidewalk. Visit an elderly person. Just do something simple like holding a door open for somebody. Whatever your Good Turn, don’t accept anything in return, except perhaps a “Thank you”.

So this Thanksgiving, really commit yourself to taking the time every day to “Do a Good Turn Daily”.

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2 responses to “Thanksgiving Scoutmaster Minute”

  1. ScoutsMom Avatar

    Could you please tell me where this was originally quoted from so that I may credit properly? Thank you.

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar
      Scouter Mom

      I adapted it from the old BSA program helps which used to be provided to den leaders and unit leaders. I don’t remember which month.

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