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Gratitude Scoutmaster Minute

An Inspirational Message about Gratitude

Here is a Scoutmaster minute which is appropriate this time of year when we are considering what it truly means to be grateful. While this reflection does not address thankfulness to the Creator, as is usually associated with the holiday, it does cultivate a spirit of appreciation and gratitude to those who went before us.

Challenge your Scouts BSA to show their appreciation for those who have passed on their ideals by doing more than just saying the Scout Oath and Law, but by living them.

Gratitude Scoutmaster Minute

John F. Kennedy said

As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.

As Scouts BSA we should remember this every time we say the Scout Oath and Scout Law. These should not just be words we say at each meeting without thinking.  Instead, when we are facing a decision about how to handle a situation or a challenge, we should think of the Scout Oath and Scout Law point by point.

We should consider how these apply to the situation we are trying to deal with. What does it mean to be “trustworthy” or “loyal”? Which option should I choose if I want to “help other people at all times”?  How will my actions reflect that “I will do my best”?

And then in really living these words, we will show our appreciation and gratitude to those who have lived them before us and to the ideals they stood for. We will not be merely paying lip service to those who have passed on these lofty standards, but will be showing true thankfulness.

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