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Thanksgiving Ideas for Scouts

Here are some crafts and other ideas for the Cub Scouts, but there are also things which Scouts BSA and Venturers can do with this theme.

What are your ideas for a Thanksgiving theme?

Thanksgiving Ideas

Food Collection Project

Participating in a food collection project goes with this theme, and there are usually plenty of opportunities this time of year. Or for older Scouts, volunteer to take a meal to a homeless shelter and serve it.

Thankfulness Zone Cub Scout Gathering Activity

This activity will help Cub Scouts think about everything they are thankful for.

Thanksgiving Song

Here is a silly song for the Cub Scouts to sing on this holiday. It is sung to the tune of Frère Jacques.

Thanksgiving Jokes and Comics

Add some fun to you program or your communications with some humor.

Thanksgiving Feast

If you are looking for a fun unit idea, have your own feast at your pack meeting or troop meeting. Everyone brings in their favorite recipe and shares it. Scouts BSA can do a twist on this by cooking it on site, camp style, with grills and Dutch ovens. The food doesn’t have to be traditional holiday food. It is more about the idea of coming together for a meal.

Thank You Ceremony

This is a simple Cub Scout ceremony which is focused on saying “Thank You”.

Hunting for Dinner Skit

This is a good skit to do at your November meeting. Your Scouts will find it funny.

Thanksgiving Scoutmaster (or Cubmaster) Minute

If you are looking for something a little more serious, inspire your Scouts with this Scoutmaster minute for the season.

Turkey Treat Cupcakes

Here’s a fun dessert to make with your kids this time of year. These cupcakes look like turkeys.

Good Manners Napkins

Make some napkins for the Thanksgiving table which also remind Scouts of good manners.

Tabletop Tipi Model

This craft can lead to a discussion about how the First Americans helped the pilgrims.

Johnny Appleseed Grace

This is a nice grace for the younger kids. Most of them will know this traditional song.

Addams Family Grace

Most Cub Scouts also seem to know this song. Even if they can’t remember the words, they will participate in the snapping. The tune is the theme of the Addams Family show. (Hence the name.)

Philmont Grace

This grace is also known as the Wilderness Grace or the Worth Ranch Grace. Older Scouts will appreciate giving thanks with this prayer.


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