Thanksgiving Ideas for Scouts

This month I am featuring a Thanksgiving theme.  I’ll have some crafts and other ideas for the Cub Scouts, but there are also things which Boy Scouts and Venturers can do with this theme.

Participating in a food collection project goes with this theme, and there are usually plenty of opportunities this time of year. Or for older Scouts, volunteer to take a meal to a homeless shelter and serve it.

If you are looking for a fun unit idea, have your own “Thankgiving feast” at your pack meeting or troop meeting. Everyone brings in their favorite recipe and shares it. Boy Scouts can do a twist on this by cooking it on site, camp style, with grills and Dutch ovens. The food doesn’t have to be traditional Thanksgiving food. It is more about the idea of coming together for a meal.

What are your ideas for a Thanksgiving theme? Add them below.

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