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Philmont Grace

A Scout is Reverent. Don’t forget to say grace at your campouts and gatherings. You can use a traditional Scout grace like the Philmont Grace.

This grace is also known as the Wilderness Grace or the Worth Ranch Grace. It is attributed to Jerry Fulkerson from the Worth Ranch Scout Camp in Texas. But it is the grace said at Philmont Scout Ranch as well as many other Scout camps.

Philmont Grace

For food, for raiment
For life, for opportunity
For friendship and fellowship
We thank thee, O Lord

What Does Raiment Mean?

Raiment means clothing or garments. So “for raiment” means we are thankful for our clothes which provide us warmth and protection. This grace is thanking the Lord for all that we need and experience in the outdoors.

More Prayers and Graces for Scouts

A Scout is reverent toward God. He is faithful in his religious duties. She respects the beliefs of others. Find prayers and graces for use in your program here.


One response to “Philmont Grace”

  1. Richard McCray Avatar
    Richard McCray

    thanks for providing the text. i tried to remember it but mixed it up.

    I was a Ranger in the summer of 1964. also was a camper two other summers. the total experiences are still a major part of my life. shaped me and prepared me for a number of things – army, jobs, raising children, – too many to elaborate.

    plus good friends i still am in contact with.

    on another level, i have a box full of BSA ‘stuff’ i want sell/give to the right sources.

    anyhow, thanks for giving me the grace.

    it is the season of folks saying ‘grace’. often too long and too pointed. i try to avoid having to be the spokesman but need the good, precise statement of the Philmont grace to have if i need it.

    thank you.

    Richard McCray

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