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Christmas and the Holiday Season

Christmas is celebrated in many different ways around the world. Here are some ideas to incorporate winter holidays into your Scouting program.

You can also check these gift ideas:

Christmas Ideas for Scouts

Twas the Campout Before Christmas

This is a Scout themed version of the classic read aloud story.

How the Flag Remembers Christmas

Use this inspirational patriotic ceremony at your December gathering.

Make Some Homemade Gifts

Have your Scouts make some gifts to give away with these easy ideas.

Stocking Surprise Game

In this game, Scouts must guess what is in the stocking.

Twelve Days of Camping Song

This is a camping version of the well known song.

Ideas for Gift Exchange

Here are some thoughts for fun ways to participate in that gift exchange.

Other Winter Holiday Ideas

Winter Wonderland Cub Scout Theme

This winter theme will add some fun to your meetings and is appropriate if you don’t want to focus on the Christian holiday.

Kwanzaa Candle Ceremony for Cub Scouts

Kwanzaa is also celebrated this time of year. You can incorporate it into your Scout activities with this ceremony.

Pack Meeting Plan for Holiday Lights

This is another more generic holiday Cub Scout theme. The plan includes ceremonies, activities, games, and more for your holiday pack meeting.


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