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Ideas for Gift Exchange

Nina sent in this question:

Hi Scouter Mom! You have been my go to recourse guide for all things Cub Scouts, my Son just earned is AOL, and recently started Scouts BSA, I still have one more Son in Cub Scouts, he is a Wolf. My Son that recently became a Scout was invited to The Court of Honor , he will be earning Scout! The will be having a white elephant, under $10, Do you have any ideas as to what I could buy a Boy Scout? Or something a boy would like. I know this might sound like a silly question, but I have no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

That’s a timely question Nina. We’ve played Rob Your Neighbor with our troop at several Christmas parties. Since you don’t know which Scout will end up with the gift, the trick is to find something with general appeal. Here are my suggestions:

  1. Give your son $10, take him to the store, and let him pick something. Don’t judge what he picks! It will probably be something you would not consider buying in a 100 years. But boys know what other boys like.
  2. For even more fun, do the above at a dollar store. This might result in your son picking ten of the most useless goofy items you have ever seen.  Put them together in a big box and wrap them. Chances are the recipient will love at least one of the items.
  3. Sometimes its all in the presentation. One year one of the Scouts brought a huge box. When it finally came time to unwrap the gifts, the Scout opened it up, and inside was another box, completely covered in duck tape. When he finally managed to open that box, inside was another box, also completely covered in duct tape. He had to get through at least five duck taped boxes to finally get to the present in the innermost box. I think it was a gift card to a local fast food restaurant, or some big candy bars. I don’t remember. The funny part was how it was wrapped and how much work he had to go through to get to the gift.

Readers, what are the best gifts you have seen at the troop gift exchange?

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  1. Barbara Terrill December 1, 2016 at 11:23 AM #

    At the holidays, instead of a gift exchange in our pack, we have each boy bring a nice gift – one that he would like to keep – and then we take it to our local Unity Center for distribution to those in need. Over the years, the boys have responded very positively to this idea. I focus on the idea that it’s not a gift if it’s just something you don’t need anymore, but giving, true giving, involves sacrifice. I take two or three of the older boys with me to the center to deliver the gifts – that is always a great experience for them too.

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