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Ideas for Gift Exchange

A Question about a Gift Exchange

Nina is looking for great gift ideas for an upcoming gift exchange at her child’s Court of Honor ceremony. Our goal is to find gifts that will be liked by many people and make the exchange a fun and memorable experience. We’ll also provide creative suggestions to make the event even more exciting.

She sent in this question:

Hi Scouter Mom! You have been my go to recourse guide for all things Cub Scouts, my Son just earned is AOL, and recently started Scouts BSA, I still have one more Son in Cub Scouts, he is a Wolf. My Son that recently became a Scout was invited to The Court of Honor , he will be earning Scout! The will be having a white elephant, under $10, Do you have any ideas as to what I could buy a Boy Scout? Or something a boy would like. I know this might sound like a silly question, but I have no idea. Any help would be greatly appreciated. 

That’s a timely question Nina. White Elephant gift exchanges and Rob Your Neighbor are favorite activities at Christmas parties.

Choosing Gifts for Broad Appeal

Kid Chosen and Approved

If you’re looking for a great gift for a gift exchange, why not involve your son in the process? Give him $10 and take him to the store, letting him choose something without judging his decision. You might be surprised by his selection because kids have a good understanding of what other kids like. Their choices often reflect the latest trends and interests within their age group.

By giving your son the freedom to choose what to bring to the gift exchange, you empower him to make his own decision and show that you value his input. This boosts his confidence and makes him feel involved in the gift-giving process. Plus, his selection might bring a fresh perspective and introduce something unique to the exchange that others haven’t thought of.

It’s important not to judge or criticize your son’s choice. Remember, the goal is to find a gift that will appeal to a wide range of participants. Embrace his decision and trust his intuition. Kids have a knack for finding items that capture the imagination and excitement of their peers.

By involving your son, you can make the gift exchange more fun and enjoyable for everyone. His choice may surprise you and bring a fresh element of surprise to the event. So, keep an open mind, respect his decision-making, and trust that he knows what other kids will like.

You can also consider helping him looking online for an item related to Scouting. Consider a compass or a Scout Law decorative sign. But let him choose.

Dollar Store Treasures

If you’re looking to add even more excitement to the gift selection process, consider visiting a dollar store with your son. This can lead to some amusing and unexpected choices that will make the gift exchange even more entertaining. Here’s how it can work:

Take your son to a dollar store where everything costs only a dollar. Here, he can freely explore and pick out ten items that catch his attention. These items might seem silly, useless, or goofy to you, but that’s part of the fun! Your son’s selections are likely to be unique and bring a sense of humor to the gift exchange.

Once he has gathered the chosen items, put them together in a big box and wrap it up nicely. This package of surprises will surely grab the attention of the recipient and spark curiosity among others. While some of the items may be unconventional, there’s a good chance that at least one of them will resonate with someone’s sense of humor or interests. It’s all about creating laughter and enjoyment during the exchange.

Remember, the gift exchange is meant to be lighthearted and fun. The purpose of this approach is to bring joy and entertainment, so don’t worry if the items seem unconventional or silly. The recipient will likely appreciate the humor and creativity behind the collection, making the exchange a memorable experience for everyone involved.

So, visit the dollar store with your son, embrace the goofiness, and create a box of surprises that will bring laughter and enjoyment to the gift exchange.

Creative Presentation Ideas

When participating in a white elephant gift exchange, it’s not just about the gift itself but also about the excitement and anticipation that comes with unwrapping it. Creative presentation adds an extra element of fun to the event. Let’s explore some exciting ways to present the gifts, making the exchange even more enjoyable for everyone involved.

Fun Ways to Present Gifts

  1. Gift Wrap Extravaganza: Instead of traditional gift wrapping, consider using unconventional materials like newspaper comics, colorful tissue paper, or even fabric. Add ribbons, bows, or stickers to make the presentation more festive.
  2. Nested Boxes: Create a series of wrapped boxes, each containing a smaller one inside. As the recipient unwraps one box after another, the anticipation builds until they finally reach the gift hidden inside the innermost box.
  3. Make It a Challenge: One memorable year at the gift exchange, a Scout brought a massive box that caught everyone’s attention. As the Scout began unwrapping it, they discovered another box tightly sealed with layers of duct tape. The surprises didn’t end there! Inside that box was yet another box, also covered in duct tape. This process continued for at least five boxes, each adding to the anticipation and laughter in the room. Finally, after much effort, the Scout reached the innermost box. Although I don’t recall the exact contents, it could have been a gift card to a local fast food restaurant or a delightful assortment of large candy bars. The true amusement came from the elaborate wrapping and the entertaining journey the recipient had to go through to unveil their gift.
  4. Themed Wrapping: Choose a theme that reflects the recipient’s interests or hobbies. For example, if the gift is related to sports, wrap it in paper decorated with basketballs, soccer balls, or other sports-related patterns. This adds a personal touch and shows that you’ve put thought into the presentation.
  5. Mystery Bags: Place the gift inside a decorative bag and tie it securely. Attach a clue or riddle to the bag, leading the recipient to guess what’s inside before they actually open it.

Readers, what are the best gifts you have seen at a gift exchange?

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Frequently Asked Questions

How do I choose a suitable gift for a gift exchange?

When choosing a gift for a gift exchange, consider the preferences and interests of the potential recipients. Think about items that have broad appeal and can be enjoyed by various individuals. Popular options include gift cards, books, board games, or unique and thoughtful items. Avoid overly personal or controversial gifts.

Is there a price limit for gift exchanges?

Gift exchanges often have a price limit to ensure fairness and affordability for all participants. The specific limit may vary depending on the event or group’s guidelines. It’s important to respect and adhere to the specified price range when selecting your gift.

How can I make my gift stand out during the exchange?

To make your gift stand out, consider adding a personal touch or creative wrapping. You can use unique wrapping paper, add ribbons or bows, or even include a handwritten note. Additionally, thoughtful and well-chosen gifts that align with the group’s interests can leave a lasting impression.

Are there any gift ideas that generally work well for gift exchanges?

Yes, some gift ideas often work well for gift exchanges. These include popular books or movies, food or beverage items, gag items, and gadgets or accessories. However, remember to consider the specific theme or guidelines of the gift exchange and the preferences of the participants.

Should I consider the recipient’s age or gender when choosing a gift?

It’s generally a good idea to consider the recipient’s age and gender, as well as their interests and preferences. However, if you are uncertain or the gift exchange is meant to be more universal, it’s safer to opt for items with broad appeal that can be enjoyed by anyone.

How can I make my gift wrapping more creative and fun?

To make your gift wrapping more creative and fun, consider using unconventional materials, like newspaper comics or fabric. You can also incorporate unique presentation ideas, such as nested boxes or themed wrapping. Adding personal touches, like handwritten tags or riddles, can also enhance the excitement of unwrapping the gift.


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  1. Barbara Terrill Avatar
    Barbara Terrill

    At the holidays, instead of a gift exchange in our pack, we have each boy bring a nice gift – one that he would like to keep – and then we take it to our local Unity Center for distribution to those in need. Over the years, the boys have responded very positively to this idea. I focus on the idea that it’s not a gift if it’s just something you don’t need anymore, but giving, true giving, involves sacrifice. I take two or three of the older boys with me to the center to deliver the gifts – that is always a great experience for them too.

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