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Gifts for Scout Christmas Celebration

Reader Amy sent in this question:

My husband and I are the leaders of a Cub Scout pack. We plan to have a party before the winter break and wanted to get each boy a little gift. The problem is the pack doesn’t have a lot of money (even spending $5 each is pushing it right now!) Do you have any suggestions? Thanks!!

Gift Ideas for Leaders to Give Scouts

Many packs give the Pinewood Derby kits as Christmas presents to their Cub Scouts. This depends on the timing of your Pinewood Derby, but if you wrap them up  then you have a great little gift for your Scouts.

If the Pinewood Derby kits are not an option, then I would recommend something homemade. You can make almost anything into a neckerchief slide by attaching a small loop with hot glue to the back of it. I’ve used sections of PVC,  chenille stems (pipecleaners), loops of fun foam or leather.  You could make some Christmas themed neckerchief slides without a lot of time or expense. Buy some Christmas shaped fun foam ornament kits and use those for a really quick solution. Or some small non-breakable ornaments or any inexpensive Christmas trinket would work. It wouldn’t even have to be Christmas themed. Something like these leather neckerchief slides would make a cute gift.

Scouters, what are your ideas for an inexpensive gift to pass out to a Cub Pack? Add them to the comments below.


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