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Christmas Gifts for Scouts and Scout Leaders

If your son or daughter really enjoys Scouting, then they will appreciate a gift they can use for their Scouting adventure. Scout leaders will appreciate some of these ideas also.

One of the favorite items we gave our sons was their hammocks. When they were little we gave them net hammocks and canvas hammocks. But these did not hold up to wear well, so eventually we gave them nicer nylon hammocks. These are the type my husband and I use also.  Now we all have Eno hammocks now and these have held up for years. We also have the quick release straps to make it easy to set them up and take them down.

Scouts will also appreciate a nice display case to show off their awards. The first one below includes a flag holder and is a little pricey. If you want something simpler and less expensive, you can probably look at the first for an idea of how to do it and then just get a plain display case and DIY.

A Christmas ornament makes a nice token of appreciation for a Scout or a leader:

I love to read, so I always appreciate a good book too:

These are some of my favorite gift ideas for Scouts. What are yours? Add them to the comments at the bottom.

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