Christmas Games: Stocking Surprise

Stocking Surprise Christmas Game

Here is an easy game for your December meeting. It works with almost any age group. When choosing items for the “stocking”, think of all of the senses. Include something with a scent, or something which makes noise. Include it in your Christmas games this year.

To make this into a party favor, include items they can take home with them. Suggestions include small stuffed animals, candy, crayons, small toys, etc for younger children. For teens, include some gag items. Each sock may include the same item or different items.

1 sock for each participant
4 or 5 small, non-breakable items to put in each stocking
several safety pins

Set Up
Put 4 or 5 items in the sock. Use the safety pins to close the top of the sock.

The Game
Give each child a “stocking”. Have them try to figure out what is inside. They can feel the stocking, smell it, shake it, etc. Then go around and have them say what they think is inside. After everyone has had a chance to guess, open the socks.

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