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Bobcat Badge Cub Scout Helps and Documents

The Cub Scout Bobcat badge, which shows a bobcat on a blue background.

Bobcat is the joining rank for Cub Scouts. New Cub Scouts in 1st grade and older earn the Bobcat badge before any other rank, no matter what grade they are when they join.

Find helps for the Bobcat program on this page.

Bobcat Badge Requirements

How to Protect Your Children From Child Abuse: A Parent’s Guide

Click here to download the guide.

Related Resources for the Bobcat Badge

scout law game

Scout Law Game

Learning the Scout Law will be more enjoyable with a Scout Law game. This game helps Scouts learn all twelve points of the law in order.

Den Meeting Plan for Bobcat Badge

Every Cub Scout – except Lions – must earn the Bobcat rank before earning any other rank. Here is how to complete Bobcat in a single meeting.

Where to Find Examples for Bobcat Requirements

A parent is looking for information about the requirements for this badge for his new Cub Scout, especially examples of the Scout sign, the handshake, and motto.

Fitting Everything in a Cub Scout Meeting

A reader asks about how many requirements must be done at the first Tiger meeting. If you feel like you have too much material for one meeting, split it into two meetings.

Bobcat Dice Roll

Turn the requirements into a game for new Cub Scouts.

Bobcat Ceremony for Space Derby

A reader sent in this Bobcat ceremony for a space derby. She incorporated several ideas to make a meaningful ceremony for giving out the Bobcat badges.


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