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Bobcat Dice Roll

Are you a den leader guiding a group of enthusiastic Cub Scouts through their scouting journey? As a den leader, you play a crucial role in creating engaging and enjoyable experiences for your pack. One of the initial milestones for Cub Scouts, excluding Lions, is achieving the Bobcat rank. To make this accomplishment memorable, it’s important to infuse fun into the process. In this blog post, we’ll introduce a game called “Bobcat Dice Roll,” designed specifically for group activities with your den.

The Bobcat Dice Roll game offers a dynamic and interactive approach to the Bobcat rank requirements. It is ideal for den leaders who want to engage their Cub Scouts while ensuring they have a great time. By using giant dice, you can add an extra element of surprise and anticipation to the game. As a den leader, you hold the key to fostering an environment where learning is both enjoyable and memorable. By incorporating this game into your den activities, you can create a sense of camaraderie among your scouts as they work together towards their Bobcat rank.

So gather your Cub Scouts, roll the dice, and embark on a delightful adventure that combines fun and skill-building. Your den will thrive as you guide your scouts through the exciting Bobcat Dice Roll game!

Bobcat Dice Roll

Materials Required: One die. For extra fun, try playing with giant dice.


  1. Gather all the Cub Scouts and have them sit in a circle.
  2. Select one scout to be the first roller and give them the die.
  3. The scout will roll the die and check the number that comes up.
  4. Depending on the number rolled, the scout will perform a specific Bobcat requirement:
    • If the scout rolls a 1, they must say the Scout Oath (with help if needed).
    • If the scout rolls a 2, they must say the Scout Law (with help if needed).
    • If the scout rolls a 3, they must demonstrate the Cub Scout Sign.
    • If the scout rolls a 4, they must demonstrate the Cub Scout Salute.
    • If the scout rolls a 5, they must demonstrate the Cub Scout Handshake.
    • If the scout rolls a 6, they must say the Cub Scout motto.
  5. If the scout answers correctly or performs the requirement correctly, they earn a point.
  6. Pass the die to the next scout in the circle and repeat the process.
  7. Keep playing until each scout has had a turn.
  8. At the end of the game, if appropriate, you can make the scout with the most points your special helper for the remainder of the meeting.

As a den leader, you play a vital role in shaping the scouting experience for your Cub Scouts, and the Bobcat Dice Roll game is a fantastic tool in your arsenal. By following the instructions provided, you can create an atmosphere of excitement and engagement during Bobcat rank activities. Remember to encourage teamwork and collaboration among your scouts, fostering a sense of camaraderie within your den.

By incorporating the giant dice into the game, you add an element of surprise and anticipation that will keep your Cub Scouts eagerly participating. Through the Bobcat Dice Roll game, not only will your scouts have a blast, but they will also reinforce their understanding of important Cub Scout principles and values. This interactive approach ensures that the Bobcat rank requirements become more than just tasks to complete—they become fun and memorable experiences.

So, den leaders, take this opportunity to gather your scouts, roll the dice, and guide them through a Bobcat journey filled with enthusiasm and enjoyment. Watch as they gain confidence in their scouting skills and deepen their connection with the Cub Scout community. By incorporating this game into your den activities, you’ll create lasting memories and set your scouts on a path of growth and success.

Keep up the great work, den leaders! Your dedication and commitment to creating engaging experiences for your Cub Scouts will have a lasting impact on their scouting journey. So, grab those giant dice, embrace the adventure, and continue to inspire the future leaders of tomorrow.

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The Importance of Games in Scouting: Building Skills and Having Fun

Games like the Bobcat Dice Roll are crucial in Cub Scouting as they provide a fun and interactive way for scouts to engage with the program. They make the scouting experience enjoyable and memorable while reinforcing important principles and traditions. These games promote teamwork, communication, and problem-solving skills, fostering social and cognitive development. By incorporating games into their activities, den leaders create a balanced environment that combines learning with fun, ensuring a positive and meaningful scouting experience for the Cub Scouts.


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