Bobcat Dice Roll

Bobcat Dice Roll

Bobcat is the joining rank for Cub Scouts (other than Lions). Since this is one of the first things they will do as members of your den or pack, it is important to make it fun. Here is a game you can play if you have a group working on Bobcat together.

To add some extra fun to this game, try playing with giant dice.

Bobcat Dice Roll

Recommended age: Cub Scouts
Space required: Any space – indoor or outdoor
Purpose: To have fun while doing Bobcat requirement
Materials required: one die

  1. Have the scouts sit in a circle. Give one a die and have him roll it.
  2. If he rolled a 1, he must say (with help if needed) the Scout Oath. If he rolled a 2, he must say (with help if needed) the Scout Law. If he rolled a 3, he must demonstrate the Cub Scout Sign. If he rolled a 4, he must demonstrate the Cub Scout Salute. If he rolled a 5, he must demonstrate the Cub Scout Handshake. If he rolled a 6, he must say the Cub Scout motto.
  3. If he answers correctly, he gets a point.
  4. Pass the die to the next scout and repeat.
  5. At the end, if the temperaments of the group permit, let the scout with the most points be your special helper for the rest of the meeting.

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