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Where to Find Examples for Bobcat Requirements

Sean sent in this question:

Hi! This site is so helpful, thank you for doing this! I’m planning on signing up my son for scouts this coming fall & was going to get started on the Bobcat requirements this summer. I was able to access the requirements through your site, & was hoping you could let me know where to find the information to get started, for example the scout oath & law, images of the sign & handshake (I’ll remember these myself once I see how they’re done!), motto, salute, & the “How to Protect Your Children…” pamphlet.

Thanks for the question Sean. The information for all of these will be in your son’s handbook. So if your son will be a Tiger, you should look in the Tiger Handbook.  Handbooks can be purchased at your local Scout shop. Some packs purchase these for the Cub Scouts, so I recommend you check with the pack leadership before purchasing one yourself.


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  1. Karen Avatar

    Many packs will also be thrilled to sign your son up during the summer so he can begin to enjoy pack activities right now. We are doing water rockets, giant bubbles, a field day, raingutter regatta, a wet sponge fight, and more – and all are open to new Scouts including this fall’s upcoming Tigers. So check with the pack you intend for your son to join.

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