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Interpreter Strips Requirements and Helps

Interpreter Strips Requirements and Helps

An interpreter strip shows which languages a Scout is familiar with.  It is worn above the “Boy Scouts of America” strip on the uniform. This emblem can be worn by Cub Scouts, Boy Scouts, Venturers, or adults.

BSA supply carries interpreter strips in stock for a number of languages and American Sign Language. If the language is not available, ask at your local scout shop about obtaining a custom interpreter strip.

In May 2012, BSA introduced an interpreter strip for Morse Code. This strip shows Morse spelled out in Morse Code. Neat!

Interpreter’s Strip for Spoken Language or Sign Language

Show your knowledge of a foreign language or the sign language for the hearing impaired by:

  1. Carrying on a 5-minute conversation in this language.
  2. Translating a 2-minute speech or address.
  3. Writing a letter in the language (Does not apply for sign language)
  4. Translating 200 words or more from the written word.

Morse Code Interpreter Strip Requirements and Helps

The Boy Scouts of America offers a special Morse Code interpreter strip for any youth or adult who demonstrates proficiency in Morse Code. The strip may be worn on the uniform.

American Sign Language Translator

Hand Speak provides an American Sign Language Translator. Just type in a word and you will see a video of the sign for the word.

Secret Codes: 3 Fun Codes to Try

Having a secret code can be fun. There are several simple methods of coding communication so that only those who know the “secret” know what is being said.

International Spirit Award

The International Spirit Award recognizes Scouts and Scouters who learn more about Scouting around the world. By doing the requirements for this award, Scouts and Scouters learn to appreciate different cultures.


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