An image of this United States flag cootie catcher showing red and white stripes and white stars on a blue field.

History of the United States Flag Cootie Catcher or Fortune Teller

history of the flag cootie catcher

Barb Kish, an AOL Den Leader from Pack 6410 in Woodstock, GA sent in this template and instructions for making a cootie catcher to help Cub Scouts learn the history of the US flag:

I wanted a fun way to teach my AOL scouts Building a Better World #1 ( Explain the history of the United States flag.) by having them play with a Cootie Catcher, but all I could find were ones you had to pay for. As you know we have very little money in scouts so I made my own.

A cootie catcher, also called a fortune teller, is an orgami construct which can be used to ask and answer questions. Barb sent me the template and instructions below for making the cootie catcher. Just print it out and follow the directions she provided. Thanks for this History of the US Flag Cootie Catcher, Barb!

Download Free Printable of this US Flag Cootie Catcher

Click on the image below for a printable PDF version of the free US flag fortune teller template.


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Possibly Based On?

This cootie catcher might have been based on this one. However that link goes to a paid resource, so you will not be able to download it for free like the one Barb sent in.

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7 responses to “History of the United States Flag Cootie Catcher or Fortune Teller”

  1. Christine Avatar

    Do you have the file for the Cootie Catcher in order to print out?

    1. Scouter Mom Avatar

      The image is above.. Right click on it to save it to your computer and print it out.

      1. Dana Avatar

        The image is really blurry when printed and hard to read. An actual file would be helpful. Thank you for resource though!

        1. Scouter Mom Avatar

          That is what she provided. I’ll try to recreate it at some point if I have time.

          1. Scouter Mom Avatar

            I made a new PDF copy of the US flag fortune teller template. It should be clearer. See above for the file.

    2. Maria Keller Avatar
      Maria Keller

      I see why you’re asking. It looks quite blurry.

      1. Scouter Mom Avatar

        I’ve added a PDF copy of the US flag cootie catcher template. I had to recreate it to make the print larger and clearer but it is basically the same. See above for the file.

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