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Welcome Scouts and Scouters! Here you can find resources for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturers. I also have ideas for games, crafts, recipes, ceremonies, songs, skits, themes and more.

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Are you facing a challenging question related to Scouting that seems to have no clear answer? Don’t worry; I’m here to assist! Contact me with your queries, no matter how big or small, and I’ll make sure to share them with the broader Scouting community. This way, you can tap into the collective wisdom and experience of fellow scouts and leaders.

Whether it’s about camping tips, merit badge requirements, event planning, or leadership advice, the Scouting community is a rich resource. By sharing your question, not only will you get the answers you need, but you’ll also help others who might have the same question. Let’s work together to find solutions and enhance our Scouting journey. Remember, every question is an opportunity to learn and grow in our Scouting adventure!

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Do you have a fantastic Scouting idea or innovative approach that you’re excited about? Whether it’s a unique camping hack, a creative fundraising strategy, a fun game for your troop, or an effective way to teach a merit badge, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me, providing as many details as you can. If your idea aligns well with the principles and practices of Scouting and seems like it would benefit other scouts and leaders, I will gladly share it with the wider Scouting community.

By contributing your ideas, you’re not just helping your troop, but potentially inspiring and aiding Scouts and leaders across various programs. Let’s collaborate to make Scouting even more engaging and enriching for everyone involved. Remember, every idea, big or small, can make a significant difference!

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Current Topics for Scouts and Scouters

  • Displaying the US Flag with Other Flags

    Displaying the US Flag with Other Flags

    The US Flag is the symbol of our country. Scouts should know how to fold it, fly it, and handle it.  Flag etiquette is part of many of the Scout requirements. In many cases, the rules are pretty straightforward. But in other cases, you just need to know the rules. For example, it gets more complicated when you are displaying the US flag with flags from other nations.

  • Bears on Bikes Adventure for 2024

    Bears on Bikes Adventure for 2024

    Cycling is not just a fun activity; it’s also a great way to learn about personal fitness and safety. The Bears on Bikes adventure allows Bear Cub Scouts to explore the basics of bicycling, focusing on important safety practices and bike maintenance. By participating in this adventure, Scouts develop a strong foundation in cycling that promotes physical health and responsibility.

  • Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge for 2024

    Automotive Maintenance Merit Badge for 2024

    By doing the requirements for the Automotive Maintenance merit badge, Scouts learn to maintain automobiles. Scouts specifically learn about the tires, engine, cooling system, fuel system, ignition, electrical systems, drive train, brakes, and dashboard. They also learn to read the various gauges and meters. Scouts explore career opportunities related to maintaining cars.

  • Wolf Safety in Numbers Adventure for 2024

    Wolf Safety in Numbers Adventure for 2024

    The Safety in Numbers adventure is an important part of the Wolf Cub Scouts’ journey. This adventure teaches Wolves about personal safety. It helps them understand how to recognize and avoid unsafe situations. Learning about safety is essential for young Scouts. It gives them confidence and skills to protect themselves in various environments.

  • Help! My Son Doesn’t Want to Be a Scout

    Help! My Son Doesn’t Want to Be a Scout

    A reader’s son doesn’t want to be a Scout anymore: “I have tried to make it sound really cool, he’s got friends moving up and friends in a troop now but it doesn’t seem to make a difference. I can’t force him so am I doomed to this disappointment?”

  • Cub Scout Program for 2024

    Cub Scout Program for 2024

    The Cub Scout program is designed for boys and girls from Kindergarten through 5th grade. It helps young children develop skills, make friends, and have fun through various adventures. The program is divided into different levels, each tailored to the child’s age and grade. Each level includes a mix of Core and Elective Adventures, which teach valuable lessons in character, fitness, safety, and community involvement. Cub Scouts prepares young children for future challenges and adventures. It builds a foundation of skills and values that will benefit them throughout their lives. The updated program, as of June 1, 2024, aims to…

  • Computing Wolves Adventure for 2024

    Computing Wolves Adventure for 2024

    In the Computing Wolves adventure, Wolf Cub Scouts explore the world of computers and technology. This adventure introduces them to the basics of computer hardware and software. They learn about the different parts of a computer and their functions. This knowledge helps them understand how technology works in their daily lives.

  • Archery Merit Badge for 2024

    Archery Merit Badge for 2024

    While working on the requirements for the Archery merit badge, Scouts learn range safety rules. They also familiarize themselves with archery equipment and discover how to maintain it. Then they demonstrate their archery skills using a recurve bow, a longbow, or a compound bow.

  • Bear Bobcat Adventure for 2024

    Bear Bobcat Adventure for 2024

    The Bear Bobcat Adventure is a key part of the Bear Cub Scouts’ journey. It is the first adventure they embark on for the year. This adventure helps them start the year with energy and excitement. It focuses on building strong character and leadership skills. By participating in this adventure, Bear Cub Scouts learn important values that will help them throughout their lives.

  • Cub Scout Perseverance Ceremony

    Cub Scout Perseverance Ceremony

    This Cub Scout Perseverance Ceremony helps Scouts understand the importance of not giving up. Perseverance is an important lesson in the Scouting program. Scouts learn to be patient and keep trying, even when things are hard.

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