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Welcome Scouts and Scouters! Here you can find resources for Cub Scouts, Scouts BSA, and Venturers. I also have ideas for games, crafts, recipes, ceremonies, songs, skits, themes and more.

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Are you facing a challenging question related to Scouting that seems to have no clear answer? Don’t worry; I’m here to assist! Contact me with your queries, no matter how big or small, and I’ll make sure to share them with the broader Scouting community. This way, you can tap into the collective wisdom and experience of fellow scouts and leaders.

Whether it’s about camping tips, merit badge requirements, event planning, or leadership advice, the Scouting community is a rich resource. By sharing your question, not only will you get the answers you need, but you’ll also help others who might have the same question. Let’s work together to find solutions and enhance our Scouting journey. Remember, every question is an opportunity to learn and grow in our Scouting adventure!

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Do you have a fantastic Scouting idea or innovative approach that you’re excited about? Whether it’s a unique camping hack, a creative fundraising strategy, a fun game for your troop, or an effective way to teach a merit badge, I’d love to hear from you! Contact me, providing as many details as you can. If your idea aligns well with the principles and practices of Scouting and seems like it would benefit other scouts and leaders, I will gladly share it with the wider Scouting community.

By contributing your ideas, you’re not just helping your troop, but potentially inspiring and aiding Scouts and leaders across various programs. Let’s collaborate to make Scouting even more engaging and enriching for everyone involved. Remember, every idea, big or small, can make a significant difference!

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Current Topics for Scouts and Scouters

  • BSA Medical Forms

    BSA Medical Forms

    BSA medical forms are important documents that ensure the safety and well-being of all participants in scouting activities. They must be completed by scouts and adult volunteers before participating in any events. These forms collect essential information about each participant’s health, which helps leaders plan safe activities and respond effectively in case of medical emergencies.

  • Watercraft Elective

    Watercraft Elective

    The Watercraft Elective for the Ranger Award teaches Venturers essential water safety, rescue techniques, and how to handle different watercraft. It starts with BSA Safety Afloat training, followed by a boating safety course. Venturers learn how to perform various rescues and prevent hypothermia. They also choose to specialize in either paddle craft, boardsailing, or sailboating. Completing this elective enhances their confidence, safety skills, and leadership abilities on the water.

  • First Class Rank for Scouts BSA

    First Class Rank for Scouts BSA

    First Class is the rank a Scout can earn after Second Class The requirements for First Class continue to teach the youth to the skills needed to advance in Scouts BSA.

  • Arrow of Light Award for Cub Scouts (2024 Preview)

    Arrow of Light Award for Cub Scouts (2024 Preview)

    The Arrow of Light award is the highest honor a Cub Scout can achieve and is a special milestone for fifth graders in scouting. This award is not just a badge; it’s a symbol of all the hard work, learning, and fun experiences a Cub Scout has had on their journey. The Arrow of Light program is designed to prepare these young scouts for the next big step into Scouts BSA. It focuses on outdoor skills, personal fitness, citizenship, personal safety, and family values.

  • Financial Management Troop Program Feature

    Financial Management Troop Program Feature

    The Financial Management Troop Program Feature is an educational program designed to equip Scouts BSA with essential financial literacy skills and career planning knowledge. With multifaceted objectives, this program aims to teach Scouts about the long-term impact of financial decisions, budgeting, spending strategies, and personal finance basics. It also introduces them to various career possibilities and imparts fundamental concepts like compound interest and the differences between short-term and long-term investing.

  • Easy Recipes for Cub Scouts in the Kitchen

    Easy Recipes for Cub Scouts in the Kitchen

    Even if you aren’t working on an adventure, helping to prepare a healthy and fun snack or meal promotes independence. And it might also encourage a Cub Scout to try something new. Here are some easy recipes for Cub Scouts.

  • Conservation Core Requirement

    Conservation Core Requirement

    To earn the Conservation core requirement for the Venturing Ranger award, Venturers must carry out a conservation project. Then they must encourage others to get involved in conservation.

  • Webelos Badge for Cub Scouts (2024 Preview)

    Webelos Badge for Cub Scouts (2024 Preview)

    The Webelos badge program for Cub Scouts is designed for fourth graders, beginning a path which leads from the earlier Cub Scout experience to new challenges for older youth. This program, tailored for 10-year-olds, offers a mix of activities focused on outdoor skills, personal fitness, citizenship, personal safety, and family values. The Webelos program is all about preparing Cubs for the next step in scouting by teaching them new skills, encouraging independence, and fostering respect for themselves and others.

  • Camping Merit Badge Helps and Documents

    Camping Merit Badge Helps and Documents

    The Camping merit badge is a key component of the Scouting program, teaching essential outdoor skills and responsibilities. This badge not only enhances camping proficiency but also instills respect for nature and the importance of preparation. Through earning the Camping merit badge, Scouts develop a foundation for safe, enjoyable, and responsible outdoor experiences.

  • What Can Scouts Use as Service Hours?

    What Can Scouts Use as Service Hours?

    A reader asks what types of service projects can be used as service hours to fulfill requirements.

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