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Fake Wounds for First Aid Demonstrations

If your Webelos or Scouts BSA are working on first aid requirements, you can add in some fun by making a fake wound on a “victim” or two. The gross out factor is almost guaranteed to keep the Scouts more interested.

You might need to practice making a wound beforehand to make it look right. But even if it isn’t perfect, they will still appreciate it.

Make a Fake Wound


  • Petroleum jelly
  • Red food coloring
  • cocoa powder
  • toilet paper


  1. Mix together a dab of the petroleum jelly and the red food color until it is a nice, bright red color.
  2. Add a little cocoa powder to make it a darker, more realistic blood color
  3. Separate the toilet paper so you only have one layer.
  4. Tear the piece of toilet paper so it is a little bigger than the size of your desired wound.
  5. Put the toilet paper where you want the wound.
  6. Smear the petroleum jelly mixture on the toilet paper.
  7. Raise the outer edges of the toilet paper to make it appear like a jagged wound.
  8. Dust a little cocoa powder around the edges of the wound to make them a little darker.


One response to “Fake Wounds for First Aid Demonstrations”

  1. Joe Avatar

    Corn syrup and cherry jello mix will make a good “blood” for doing this!

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