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The Legend of Bigfoot

Tall Tales was one of the activities my den enjoyed doing this past year.  The only problem I had was finding versions of the tales which were appropriate for their age and reading levels. There are just one sentence descriptions in the handbook. And when I searched the web, I found most of the versions were too long and detailed for them.

Here is one I put together for them about Bigfoot (Sasquatch).  Of course some people might say this isn’t really a tall tale ….

The Legend of Bigfoot

There is a legend of an ape-like creature which roams the forests of the Pacific Northwest. This creature is known as Bigfoot. Sometimes it is also called Sasquatch. Bigfoot is said to be six to ten feet tall and weigh over 500 pounds.

According to legend, he leaves footprints which are two feet long and eight inches wide. Some witnesses have said his tracks have claw marks, which indicate he might be more like a bear than an ape.

It is said that he is very difficult to spot and only comes out at night

Many scientists doubt that Bigfoot really exists, but those who think they have seen him are sure that he is real.


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