Whittling Chip Card Corners

A reader asks about cutting the corners from a Whittling Chip card when the owner commits a safety infraction.

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Image of human hands in colorful paint with smiles

November Pack Meeting – Gives Goodwill (Citizenship)

BSA has a Cub Scout pack meeting plan called Gives Goodwill for the November core value of Citizenship – games, group activities, songs, and more.

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Assistant Patrol Leader and Rank Advancement

If you look at the list of positions which can be used to meet the position of responsibility requirement for Star and Life, you will see that assistant patrol leader is not listed there.

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Discovery award

Discovery Award Requirements

The Discovery award is the second level award in the newly remodeled award system for Venturers. This award emphasizes participation, skill development, and goal setting.

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Tiger Cub Scouts

Fitting Everything in a Cub Scout Meeting

A reader asks about how many requirements must be done at the first Tiger meeting. If you feel like you have too much material for one meeting, split it into two.

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November Cub Scout Theme – Gives Goodwill (Citizenship)

The Cub Scout Gives Goodwill theme for the November core value of Citizenship centers around the idea of serving the community.

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Fishing Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

There are many preplanned programs available to PLCs who are planning meetings and activities for their troops. One of these is the Fishing Troop Program Feature .

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Venturing Award

Venturing Award Requirements

The Venturing award is the lowest level award in the newly remodeled award system for Venturers. It is a joining award, with an emphasis on commitment and personal safety.

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webelos neckerchief

Hands On Activities at Den Meetings

A reader asks “Our den leader does 90% paperwork and talking at den meetings on the items in the handbook. Is this they way it is or are there other packs and dens that do hands on activities to accomplish same goals? “

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Fall Fun Rally 2014

In a couple of weeks, our crew is going to Fall Fun Rally. This annual event, which started 41 years ago in the Greater St. Louis Area Council, claims to be the largest annual gathering of Venturers and Explorers.

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Helping an Auditory Learner with Webelos Requirements

A reader asks about helping an auditory learner with the Webelos requirements. Songs can be a big help to auditory learners.

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Outdoor Ethics Awareness

Boy Scout Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award

By earning this award, Boy Scouts become more aware of the principles of Leave No Trace and the Outdoor Code and learn to have minimal impact on the environment when hiking, camping, and participating in other outdoor activities.

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Webelos Requirements

A reader who is a new Webelos den leader is confused about how many activity badges must be completed. We try to sort it out.

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Ankle Tensor Bandage

First Aid Troop Program Feature for Boy Scouts

The focus of the First Aid troop program feature is learning to assess an emergency and practical first aid skills.

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Outdoor Ethics Awareness

Cub Scout Outdoor Ethics Awareness Award

Cub Scouts and their leaders can earn the Outdoor Ethics Awareness award to start learning about being responsible citizens while outdoors.

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Reusable Stainless Steel Water Bottles

Water Bottle Holder Projects

Here are some water bottle holder projects I came across recently. Scouts will want to keep their water bottles with them when they can carry them in a water bottle holder they made themselves.

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Tiger Cub Scouts

Getting Parents to Sign Boys Up for Cub Scouting

A reader writes in looking for advice about convincing parents to sign their children up for the Cub Scouts. What ideas can you share with her?

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Bear Marble Madness

Bear Elective Adventure Requirements: Marble Madness

For the Marble Madness adventure, Bears learn all about marbles and play a variety of games with them, from ringer to marble mazes.

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Webelos AOL Looking Back Looking Forward

Webelos/AOL Elective Adventure Requirements: Looking Back, Looking Forward

For the Looking Back, Looking Forward adventure, Webelos learn about the past and create a time capsule.

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Wolf Grow Something

Wolf Elective Adventure Requirements: Grow Something

For the Grow Something adventure, Wolves learn about plants and gardening.

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