Christmas Presents

Holiday Meeting Ideas for Cub Scouts

Todd sent in some ideas his Cub Scout pack do for the holidays, including some games and a service project. What are your favorite Cub Scout traditions for this time of year? Packs which are chartered by a church might have faith based activities. Or if your pack includes Cub Scouts from different faith traditions, […]

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Sisters playing video games in living room

Careers in Video Game Design

Interested in the Game Design merit badge? If you love games – have you considered one day being a video game designer? If you’ve got a big imagination, or if you’re good at solving problems, it could be a great job for you!

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Table Top Robot

Table Top Crab Robot Kit

This kit can be used to create a working robot. The robot is a crab which will walk around under it’s own power and avoid obstacles.  More information about the robot kit

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Great Idea. Creativity Concept with light bulbs on chalkboard background

How to Build a Simple Rube Goldberg Machine

Rube Goldberg was a cartoonist and engineer who drew elaborate contraptions to accomplish simple tasks. This article from TinkerLab gives step-by-step details for creating a Rube Goldberg machine. How to build a simple Rube Goldberg machine

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Hair pins isolated on a white background

Make a Mbira from Bobby Pins

Almost Unschoolers shows how to make a mbira from bobby pins,  craft sticks, and thumbtacks. A mbira is a “thumb piano” of African origin.  Music is made by plucking metal tines. How to make a simple mbira

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Roll in cardboard for the production of toilet paper and towels

How to Make a Simple Rainstick

Kix cereal has an article which gives step-by-step instructions to make a rainstick from common household materials. A rainstick is an instrument which sounds like rain when you turn it.

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The Parts of a Map Lesson

This short video from Leap Frog shows the different parts of a map including the compass rose, legend, and scale. It describes how these parts are used to read the map. See the video at its source

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Child Magnifying Glass Amazed School Kid Student Boy with Magnifier Study Mathematics Math Education

How to Make a Simple Rekenrek

This article shows how to make a rekenrek using foam board, pony beads, and pipe cleaners. A rekenrek is a visual tool to help children learn how to add and subtract via fives and tens. Make your own rekenrek

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US penny close-up. A male thumb and index finger gripping a one Euro cent Coin.

The Parts of a Coin and Mint Marks

This article from Metals Wired includes simple explanations for obverse (heads), reverse (tails), field, relief, rim, edge, legend, motto, date, and mint marks. Learn more about coins at Metals Wired

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Seamless bright background. Decorative geometric pattern with doodle circles. Seamless pattern can be used for wallpaper pattern fills web page background surface textures kids design. Hand-drawn vector illustration.

Circle Art for Tigers

This project uses circles to create window hangings. All you need is card stock, cardboard, scissors, and contact paper. And maybe some circular items for tracing.  Circle art to explore shapes and scissor skills

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Cub Scout giving Boy Scout salute

Retiring a Pack Flag

Raquel sent in this question: My Pack has moved to a new sponsor and we would like to retire the old pack flag that represents our old sponsor. Are there any ceremonies for retiring a sponsor pack flag? Thanks for the question Raquel. I have never heard of retiring a pack flag. Usually when we […]

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Camping Checklist for Scouts

When preparing for a campout, one of the most common questions from less experienced campers is “What should I bring?” This article from Boy’s Life magazine is a good list of must haves for that campout. See the full article at Boys Life

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Child space dream as a childhood imagination concept with a cast shadow of a kid dreaming of being an astronaut or astronomy explorer with chalk drawings of a rocket spacecraft planets stars and a flying saucer.

Bobcat Ceremony for Space Derby

I recently helped put together a bobcat ceremony for our space derby. I couldn’t find one I liked, so I incorporated a lot of different ideas I had found plus my own. I think it’s worth sharing.

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