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Soccer Marbles – Soccer Drill

If you are having a soccer or sports themed meeting, a soccer drill can be a fun way to burn of some energy. Soccer marbles is a three person soccer drill. It is simple enough for young Scouts.

How to Play Soccer Marbles


  • A set of cones (or another method to mark an area on the field)
  • One soccer ball for each player
  • Stopwatch


  1. Mark off a 10 foot by 10 foot playing area using the cones or another method.
  2. Designate one player as the attacker and the other two players as the defenders.
  3. The coach starts the timer at the beginning of play.
  4. When play begins, the attacker dribbles in the playing area, trying to stay away from the defenders.
  5. The defenders try to hit the attacker’s ball with their own ball.
  6. Play stops when a defender is successful in hitting the attackers ball with his own ball. The coach notes how long the attacker was able to avoid the defenders.
  7. Each of the three players gets a turn being the attacker.
  8. The attacker who went the longest without having his ball hit wins.

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