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Medicine Merit Badge

While doing the requirements for the this merit badge, Scouts learn about the history of health care. They explore the Hippocratic Oath, patient-provider relationships, primary care vs specialties, and the role of insurance. Scouts also investigate various careers in health care.

This merit badge was replaced by the Health Care Professions merit badge in November 2021. After Dec. 31, 2021, Scouts may not begin working on this merit badge and should instead work on the Health Care Professions badge.

Scouts who have begun work on the Medicine merit badge prior to Dec 31 2021 may continue working on it until they are finished or turn 18.

Science Program Feature

This program feature will help youth leaders plan a month’s worth of meetings and an outing with a science theme. The Science troop program feature encourages Scouts to ask and investigate questions about the world. They learn how to form a hypothesis and test it.


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