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Webelos Stronger, Faster, Higher Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

This information is for the Cub Scout program before the June 1, 2024 updates. After June 2024, all Cub Scouts should use the updated program requirements. See here.

Webelos explore how to stay fit while working on the Stronger, Faster, Higher adventure. They learn about the importance of warming up and cooling down. They do some basic fitness activities and try to improve their results over a 30 day period. They try a new sport, run a fitness course, or teach others games related to fitness.

Requirements for the Webelos Stronger Faster Higher Adventure

Complete requirements 1–3 and at least one other

  1. Understand and explain why you should warm up before exercising and cool down afterward. Demonstrate the
    proper way to warm up and cool down.
  2. Do these activities and record your results: 20-yard dash, vertical jump, lifting a 5-pound weight, push-ups, curls,
    jumping rope.
  3. Make an exercise plan that includes at least three physical activities. Carry out your plan for 30 days, and write
    down your progress each week.
  4. Try a new sport that you have never tried before
  5. With your den, prepare a fitness course or series of games that includes jumping, avoiding obstacles, weight lifting,
    and running. Time yourself going through the course, and try to improve your time over a two-week period.
  6. With adult guidance, help younger Scouts by leading them in a fitness game or games.

Get stronger with these related ideas and resources for the Webelos Stronger Faster Higher adventure:

Ideas for Health and Fitness

Being personally committed to keeping our minds and bodies clean and fit.Cub Scouts will learn that it is important and easy to eat a healthy diet and how a fitness program can be part of their daily routine.


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