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Scouts and Service Projects

One of the Aims of Scouting is Character Development. One aspect of character development is learning to care for others. Service projects teach youth that they can have a positive impact on their communities.

Through Scouting, young men and women learn to work to make life better for everyone by participating in service projects. Age appropriate service is expected of all Scouts, from Cub Scouting, to Scouts BSA, to Venturing.

Below you will find some resources for project ideas, information about what counts as service hours, awards related to service, and more.

What are your favorite service projects? Add them to the comments at the bottom of this post.

Service Project Ideas for Younger Scouts

Coming up with feasible project ideas for young Cub Scouts can be a challenge. But there are meaningful ways that these kids can help others. See a list of ideas and add your own.

Service Project Ideas

Project Ideas for Older Scouts

Scouts BSA and Venturers are required to participate projects for advancement. Most units encourage all Scouts to participate in service projects whether they need the hours or not.

Service Projects for Your Community

Social distancing during the pandemic made us think of new ways to help each other. Here are a couple of ideas which still work even now that we are able to gather again, including starting a freezer meals outreach.

What Can Scouts Use as Service Hours

What Can Scouts Use as Service Hours?

A reader asks what types of service projects can be used as service hours to fulfill requirements.

service hours form

Service Hours Form

What should be on a service hours form for Scouts or units wanting to record their participation in service projects?

Related Resources for Scouts and Service Projects

Scoutmaster Minute – Cheerful Service

This Scoutmaster Minute will help the troop think about the Order of the Arrow ideal of cheerful service.

BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award

The BSA Distinguished Conservation Service Award recognizes youth who learn about nature and conservation and carry out significant conservation projects. The projects must make a long-term impact.

Messengers of Peace

Messengers of Peace

The Messengers of Peace initiative is a program of the World Scout Committee. The Boy Scouts of America joined the initiative in 2012. This program encourages Scouts around the world to work for peace by being a positive force in their communities. All types of BSA units can participate in this program.

james m stewart award

James M. Stewart Good Citizenship Award

The purpose of this award is to introduce Scouts to the life of a great American, James Maitland Stewart. The Jimmy Stewart Museum is offering this award to a Scout or Scouter who has exemplified the characteristics necessary to live the life of a good citizen.


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