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Service Hours Form

A Question about Service Hours Forms

Reader Teresa asked this question about making a service hours form:

We are thinking of creating a form to use for service hours, any suggestions on what should be on there?

Individual or Unit?

It depends on the purpose of the form. If it is for the use of individual scouts who are keeping track of hours for rank advancement or for their personal records, they would probably just record the date, a brief description of the project including who benefited, and the number of hours. Sometimes there is a space for a signature for verification also.

See below for an example individual service hours form.

If you need a form to keep track of service projects at the unit level, I recommend the Journey to Excellence Service Project Reporting Form.

When you fill out the Journey to Excellence service hours form, you will have all of the information you need to enter your projects into the Journey to Excellence website.  By entering your hours at the JTE website, you will be one step ahead in filling out your JTE paperwork at recharter time. And the JTE reporting site also serves as the Messengers of Peace reporting site for the BSA, so if you choose Messengers of Peace as your partner organization, your hours will also be recorded for that program.

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