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Service Project Ideas for Lions and Tigers (Cub Scouts)

Coming up with feasible service project ideas for young Cub Scouts can be a challenge. Lions (who are in kindergarten) need to do a good turn for the Pick My Path adventure. And Tigers (who are in first grade) need to do a service project for the Tiger Circles adventure.  There are many possibilities:

  • Collect canned goods for your local food pantry
  • Make Valentine’s day cards for a nursing home or for shut ins
  • Make no-sew fleece blankets for children at a local homeless shelter
  • Collect DVDs and video games for a treatment center for children with mental health issues
  • Go to an animal shelter and play with the pets.
  • Plant a tree at a local park.
  • Make posters for school to encourage students to walk, bike, or carpool to help the environment.
  • Collect board games for your local homeless shelter
  • Make cards for members of the armed services who are overseas
  • Clean up litter at your chartered organization or a local park
  • Create care bags for the homeless with toothbrushes, toothpaste, lip balm, lotion, sunscreen, band aids, deodorant, and other items
  • Visit a nursing home and play board games with the residents
  • Rake leaves for an elderly citizen in your neighborhood
  • Make cookies and deliver them to first responders
  • Collect baby clothes and donate them to a women’s shelter

What are your favorite ideas for young Cub Scouts? Share them in the comments below.


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