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Magic Tricks and Stunts

Tricks and stunts add suspense and excitement to meetings and other Scout programs.

What’s your favorite magic act or stunt? Do you have a video of it? Contact me and I’ll share it here.

Dark Magic Mind Reading Trick

This magic trick will amaze your Scouts. They might be able to figure it out after a few tries, but that is part of the fun. It is very easy to perform and doesn’t require a lot of preparation.

The Great Rope Escape Magic Trick

If you want to add some fun to your meeting, perform a simple magic trick. Cub Scouts will love it.

Mystifying Paper Osmosis Trick

A magic trick will add some fun to your meeting. For this simple trick you will need an accomplice who is capable of not telling everyone he is helping you.

Invisible Ink Demonstration

An invisible ink demonstration will add fun to any Cub Scout meeting. If they haven’t seen this before, it will really get their attention. This would fit in with any science themed meeting or a communications themed meeting.

Abracadabra Theme for Positive Attitude

The Abracadabra theme focuses on magic and positive attitude. BSA has a pack meeting plan for this theme and I have some other ideas to go along with it.

Four More Awesome Magic Tricks

Check out these additional magic tricks from Scout Life magazine.


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