Webelos Aware and Care Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

Webelos AOL Aware and Care adventure Cub Scout Helps and Ideas

About the Webelos Aware and Care Adventure

Aware and Care is one of the Webelos/Arrow of Light elective adventures. For this adventure, Webelos learn about the challenges faced by people with disabilities.

By thinking about how people are different and people are alike, Webelos will appreciate that every person has strengths and weaknesses. By working together, we can help each other out and make life better for everyone.

Resources for Webelos Den Leaders and Parents

Increase your awareness with these related ideas and achievements:

I Can Do That With One Hand Tied Behind My Back Game

This game will help youth understand that some physical disabilities make it very difficult to do everyday tasks.

Guide Me Game

This blindfolded game ties in with helping youth “see” how difficult it is for a blind person to navigate unfamiliar territory.

What Can Scouts Use as Service Projects?

The guidelines for service projects are very broad.

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