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Guide Me Game for Webelos, Scouts BSA, and Venturers

We played this game at our Webelos den meeting on Thursday. I was doing half of the Traveler activity badge with them. ZM said the game was the best part of the whole meeting.

Our den meeting was in the gym, so for objects for them to collect my den chiefs put out balloons. It was very funny because at first they would get close to one and knock it away.  So the guys giving instructions learned to tell them to be careful and move slowly when they were close.

We are thinking about doing this with our middle school group next week at Vacation Bible School. We will probably be out on the field, so we will use water balloons. Then after they collect them all they can have some fun with the water balloons.

Guide Me Game

  • Several small flags or objects, half marked with one color (ie blue), the other half marked with another color (ie red).
  • Blindfolds
Place the flags or objects in the playing area.
  1. Divide the Scouts into two teams – one for each color (ie the blue team and the red team).
  2. Each team should choose a leader.
  3. All of the team members except the leader are blindfolded
  4. Each leader gives verbal instructions to one of his blindfolded team members to help find one of his teams objects in the playing area and then guides him back to the team base.
  5. When the blindfolded member returns to base with his object, the leader instructs the next team member to find and return an object.
  6. The team to retrieve all of its objects first wins.
  • Only one blindfolded member from each team should be in the playing area at time.
  • Teams cannot retrieve the other team’s objects. (ie The blue team cannot retrieve a red object and the red team cannot retrieve a blue object.)

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