Webelos/AOL Castaway Adventure: Cub Scout Helps and Documents

A fire on a beach. Fire-building is one of the skills learned in the Webelos Castaway adventure.

About the Webelos Castaway Adventure

Castaway is one of the Webelos/Arrow of Light elective adventures. For the Webelos Castaway adventure, Webelos learn survival skills for situations where shelter, water, and electricity might not be available.

Webelos will learn to cook at camp using methods that don’t require pots and pans. They will also learn to start a fire without matches, make a shelter, treat drinking water, and other survival skills.

Resources for Webelos Den Leaders and Parents

Be prepared for outdoor adventures with these related ideas and achievements:

Foil Pack Dinners

Learn how to make several different types of foil pack dinners. These are also known as hobo meals.

Cooking on a Stick

There are several things you can easily cook on a stick. No pots or pans required!

Edible Campfires Recipe

This snack will help Webelos learn the basic elements of fire building.

Fire Safety with Cub Scouts

Before building that fire, go over a few rules to keep everyone safe.

BSA Video Resource

The Science of Fire – The Fire Triangle

Fire building is easier when you understand the science behind it.

How to Build a Fire Skit

This is a humorous introduction to the art of fire building.

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