Easy Scrambled Eggs at Camp

Easy Scrambled Eggs at Camp

Scrambled eggs make a great camp breakfast. They are easy, quick, and provide a substantial meal for Scouts preparing for a busy day. But getting the eggs to camp is not always so easy.

We all know that Scouts aren’t always gentle when unloading gear at camp. Nothing makes a mess of a cooler like a bunch of broken eggs. Even if you pack them in sturdy containers and they don’t leak all over everything else, you still can end up with a mess of eggs and shells.

So here is a packing tip for all of the grubmasters out there. Crack the eggs into a container beforehand. A small, clean drink container with wide opening and a lid works well. Add a little milk and some seasoning. Shake it up to scramble the ingredients. Then pack it in the cooler. The next morning at camp, heat up your skillet and pour your egg mixture in. You’ll have scrambled eggs in no time. Another easy meal with very little mess.

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3 responses to “Easy Scrambled Eggs at Camp”

  1. Percy Avatar

    We crack the eggs into zip locks. Boys can either empty them into or skillet or some like to add ham & cheese and put the zip lock in boiling water. Out comes an instant omelet.

  2. Gus Koerner Avatar
    Gus Koerner

    I found your recipe section. Thank you!

    Once upon a time only science geeks could get 1 liter Nalgene bottles. They are the plastic mason jar equivilant – useful, freezable, nice size, large mouth. Perfect for this tip.

    I want to add, I keep a small dog chain in mine about 8 inches long which helps when scrambling eggs, and especially mixing light batter. Its real easy to buy the smallest dog chain by the foot at a local home center. Recently my scouts are gone, and my camp cooking has moved indoors, but I still frequently use my bottle with chain for quick pancakes or cornbread mix without having to get out the mixer.

    Thank you ScoutMom!


    1. Ken Avatar

      Hi Gus- I’m not sure I understand the function of the dog chain. Do you mean that you insert a length of flexible metal chain into the container so that it helps agitate the contents when shaking/mixing? Thank you. Ken

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