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Printable Water Cycle Explanation

The water cycle is an important part of any discussion of the weather. This printable water cycle explanation aid will help explain it.

The idea is that the Scouts can look at this handout and see the water cycle explanation and learn the terms. Then they can draw it themselves to reinforce what they have learned. I’ve found that for some of the Scouts, they just really need something in front of them to help them focus and understand the information being presented to them.

So download the water cycle explanation sheet using the link below. It includes a simple diagram of the cycle and gives a brief description of these terms:

  • Evaporation – The sun heats up the water in rivers, lakes, and oceans and turns it into vapor. That vapor rises into the atmosphere
  • Condensation – Cold air in the upper atmosphere causes the vapor to return to liquid form (condense) and form clouds.
  • Precipitation – When too much water has condensed into a cloud, it falls back to the earth in the form of rain or snow.
  • Collection – The rain either soaks back into the ground, or it runs off into rivers, lakes, and oceans. And the cycle begins again.

Water Cycle Demonstration

This is a demonstration which will add some pizazz to a meeting about weather or a Weather merit badge workshop.

Video Resources

Video: This four minute video goes into these topics in more depth. Give them the handout to make notes while they view the video.


3 responses to “Printable Water Cycle Explanation”

  1. Linda Avatar

    Thanks for the water cycle handout. I have a more complicated version that the boys definitely understand at this level and the “artsy” kids like. Yours has a good explanation of terms and great to show the process without having the picture be complicated.

  2. Malia Avatar

    Thank you so much! I have been searching and searching for a simple way to explain this to the cub scouts for the weather belt loop and this is perfect! Thank you for sharing!! aloha and mahalo, malia

  3. brandon Avatar


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