Water Cycle Demonstration

Scouting is about doing. If scouts come to meetings and just write and draw, it becomes too much like school and they lose interest. This is a demonstration which will add some pizazz to a meeting about weather or a Weather merit badge workshop.

I also like this demonstration because it makes science come alive. In our rapidly changing world, a knowledge of science will help our next generation in their careers and in their daily decisions. The best way to get kids excited about science and to help them understand how it works in everyday life to show it to them.


  • Sauce pan
  • water
  • sheet of cardboard
  • stove


  1. Freeze the cardboard beforehand. This demonstration works best if the cardboard is very cold.
  2. Put about two inches of water in the pan and heat it to boiling. (Use safety precautions.)
  3. Have the scouts look at the steam. Talk about how this is an example of evaporation.
  4. Using mitts to protect your hands, hold the cold cardboard horizontally over the steaming water until water droplets begin to form on the cardboard.
  5. Have the scouts observe the cardboard. Talk about how this is an example of condensation.
  6. Let the droplets on the cardboard fall back into the pan.
  7. Have the scouts observe the falling water. Talk about how this is an example of precipitation.

After doing this demonstration, have them draw the water cycle on a piece of paper and remind them about the three processes (evaporation, condensation, and precipitation).


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